Elementor and Thrive page builder, both have a vast customer base and are known as the best page builders.

But, which one is the best choice for your WordPress website?

Elementor is a versatile page builder that is trusted by many WordPress bloggers.

On the other hand, Thrive Architect has a vast community who admires its extraordinary functionality for its high converting themes, plugins, and landing pages.

Thrive Architect vs ElementorBoth are frontend editors and are much known for their ability to provide top-notch customization options for creating custom websites.

Both have an insanely huge library of prebuilt templates with easily configurable elements without using any code. And both builders can easily be used with popular outside themes such as Kadence or Astra.

So which should be your first choice – Elementor or Thrive? Let’s find out.

Overview of Thrive Architect vs Elementor

What Thrive Architect Offers?

Thrive Architect is a conversion-focused lightning-fast WordPress page builder that is packed with 268 landing page templates. Now you can create stunning blog posts with highlighted boxes, stylish lists, pixel-perfect images, and many other highly engaging elements to grab the user’s attention.


You can create stunning sales pages within no time like a copywriting pro. Thrive Architect is packed with all conversion-focused tools.

Be it getting more traffic to convert or email subscribers or anything related to sales; you will get all of these tools under one hood Thrive, theme architect. Thrive architect has an all-inclusive set of premium themes and plugins important in building the arsenal of a successful online presence.

Thrive Architect page builder has earned huge appraisal over being the most “convenient-focused WordPress theme and plugin.” The Thrive Architect comes bundled with many other valuable thrive suit plugins with its club membership”.

However, if you are not interested in buying Thrive Membership, you can buy this incredible standalone page builder for only $67/ site with a lifetime license.

Perks of Using Thrive Architect:

  1. Thrive Architect is an ideal solution for those who are looking for conversion-focused landing pages.
  2. Building new pages and websites is a no brainer, and even newbie can create websites.
  3. User-friendly drag and drop frontend editor to create stunning designs without using any code.
  4. 200+ readymade templates to kick start your online marketing website.
  5. Highly efficient support team to assist you 24/7.
  6. Upgrading new features and constant updates of page builder features.
  7. Clear and concise coding that makes website’s loading super fast.
  8. Affordable pricing plans to ensure accessibility.

What Elementor Page Builder Offers?

Elementor page builder is one of the widely used powerful page builder.

So far, Elementor has over 2 million active downloads. What’s the reason behind such a huge success?


Well! There are many but first and foremost reasons for being such a great hit because it’s easy to use, comes with drag and drop editing functionality, and, most importantly, affordability.

Elementor also has a free version, so most of the newbie’s and bloggers find it a great option.

It comes with a full-fledge package to create websites of all kinds, and its deep customization options offer more refined solutions than any other page builder.

Elementor Pro has more dynamic theme builder features such as header and footer customization and Post templates creation. Elementor has a powerful popup builder, which helps in creating instant pop up layouts. You can read this article to compare all the features of Elementor Free vs Pro.

Perks of Using Elementor Page Builder

  1. Elementor provides 100% compact solutions for any website. Be it a blogging website, business website, portfolio, or an agency.
  2. 100% clean and seamless coding to create pixel-perfect layouts and a perfect website.
  3. More than 80 design elements that can help you generate more leads and conversions.
  4. Elementor integrates seamlessly with almost all popular themes and plugins.
  5. The WooCommerce builder is another exclusive feature that helps in designing your eCommerce store from a single product page to multiple product categories and templates.
  6. It also allows inline editing where you can place two widgets side-by-side.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor – Comparison Table

FeaturesThrive ArchitectElementor Builder
Free VersionNoYes
Premium Pricing$69 or lifetime usage$49 for one year
Visual BuilderYesYes
Inline EditingYesYes
Works with any themeYesYes
Built in A/B TestingYesNo
Third Party Module SupportNoYes
Ease of UsageComplexMedium
Best Suited ForMarketing Sites, Landing PagesPassive Agency Sites, Blogs
Free TrialNo, but offers 30 days money back Guarantee.No for Pro version. Offers Free Version
Thrive Architect vs Elementor Comparison Table

#1. Ease of Usage

Both Elementor and Thrive Architect are easy to use and have a very intuitive interface. They both have a sidebar menu where you can drag and drop elements and do extensive customization with tons of customization options.


Elementor’s sidebar is more organized and has better-organized editing options as compared to the thrive theme.


On the contrary, you have to scroll through a lot to find the option out of several list options. This is a hectic task to deal with.


Elementor has the edge over Thrive for a more user-friendly user interface.

#2. Prebuilt Elements to Give a Quick Start.

Thrive, and Elementor both comes with a vast collection of prebuilt element section which is a major plus for most of the developers and also for beginners? Because they can kick start their websites without wasting their time in creating new elements from scratch.


You will need to drag and drop elements in your desired location, which otherwise needs HTML to do with. Thrive Architect mostly deals in conversion-focused elements and features such as email list building, signups contact forms, and many other marketing-focused features.

However, Elementor canvas provides elements catering to the needs of almost all fields. And if you need deep customization, then go for the pro version, which allows complex customization of features.



Elementor has a fair amount of prebuilt elements; however, it depends on what kind of elements you prefer because both page builders offer multiple elements with their unique functionalities.

#3. Ready to Use Templates and Sites

The ready to use templates comes with a quick set solution to create your website within a blink of an eye. You can import these premade website templates to your site with a single click, and then you can personalize its settings as per your brand’s selection.

Both Elementor and Thrive have a huge collection of ready to use templates, and the only difference is that thrive Architect offers a series of templates which are meant to be used together. These are themed templates, and they have their own template sets like landing pages, thank you, download pages, webinars, product launches.


However, if you are looking for a website with a typical homepage, about us, contact us type of templates, then Elementor has better options. Both of these page builders have their vision focused templates. Elementor has focused website templates while thrive builder is landing page focused.




#4. Responsive Layouts

In 2020 it’s more than ever essential to keep your website mobile-friendly because, according to surveys, more than 69% of web traffic comes through mobile phones. That’s why you should be sure of making your website mobile-ready.

Luckily, both Elementor and Thrive themes can create responsive layouts. You’ll get three main website views option desktop, tab, and mobile layout.


You can create layouts the way you like to see in your mobile or tab display. Also, you can hide or show specific elements in your mobile mode.



Both are winners in for creating pixel-perfect designs for any screen size.

#5. Reuse Pre saved Elements and templates

Thrive and Elementor both allow its users to reuse and save templates. You can create customized templates, style the buttons, or create a new section and then save these changes to reuse these anywhere on your website.

However, both offer this service differently. While using Thrive architect, you can drag and drop the element in your desired location and save it and afterward, when you’ll need to reuse it, you can choose it from the pre-saved templates list.


Elementor Pro, on the other hand, allows users to save anything as a template, but Elementor names it as Widgets. Or you can keep them as Global widget. The Global widgets have some unique functionality that if you change color or font style, it will be changed on all over your website where you have used that template.


That’s a pretty cool feature that lets you control all of the template’s customization across the website without wasting your time doing it manually.


For the Global widget feature, Elementor is the best choice because you will not get this feature in the thrive architect. So, if you need these kinds of customizations, then it’s better to go with the Elementor Pro version.

#6. Tweak anything using custom CSS

So, this feature is especially for WordPress developers and designers, and they will get the freedom to do any CSS customization, and they will access the element’s CSS or tweak the CSS classes or IDs.

Thrive theme lets the users add CSS class or ID to any element except the column or some of the structural elements. You can tweak the CSS of any targeted element, and if you know how to put CSS right into the page, you can inject it directly into the element.

Elementor pro also allows doing CSS customization. It gives you the freedom to do something more than just injecting CSS into the elements by allowing you a live custom CSS field for any element. This feature works wonder for developers because they can visually see live changes to the class and ids.


Elementor pro is the winner here because it allows more freedom to do CSS changes with the live facility.

#7. Quick and Helpful support

Both have a quick support system with live chat, email support, and also have comprehensive documentation.

Thrive support is not as supportive as we expect, and you may find bugs and inconsistencies because of the codes they used in their page builders.

Elementor’s support is highly responsive, and they have a very fast email support system. They keep in touch with their customers with a highly functional and helpful Facebook group where you can get help from other people who are already using the Elementor pro.


Both have an excellent support system; however, Elementor is a far better choice for providing clean-coding and highly efficient support.

#8. Which Offers better Pricing – Thrive or Elementor?

Elementor Free version is ideal for you if you are looking to create simple WordPress websites without any need for outstanding elements, conversion-focused options, and custom CSS or Global widget options. The pro plans starts from $49.

Thrive Architect starts basic plan starts from $19 (recurring) for all the Thrive products or club membership for $228.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor – Which Page Builder is Right for You?

Finally, its times to disclose which one is a better choice for your WordPress website. I would say it exclusively depends upon your objectives. If you still cant decide between Elementor vs Thrive Architect, take a look at few other Elementor alternatives here.

If you are looking for a conversion-focused website builder, then thrive theme is the best option as it offers a huge library of elements and templates with the conversion-focused objective. You also get many other useful plugins such as thrive leads, thrive themes bundled with the Thrive architect, etc

Elementor also has its perks. It has a free version, and it is packed with beautiful features and tools such as a global widget, custom CSS, several useful widgets, ready-made templates, etc. It also offers a popup builder in the Premium option.

If I had to start a regular agency site, or a blog site, I would go with Elementor. However, If I had to start a site who focus would be on conversions via Ads or Paid Leads, I will choose Thrive Architect.

Your thoughts?

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