Choosing the right email marketing solution can be a challenging task. It requires you to learn about your business requirement, evaluate the options, and then set up the solution based on it.

There are two key players in the email marketing solution that offer excellent services, i.e. –  SendinBlue and GetResponse.

But, which one is for you? Should you choose SendinBlue over GetResponse or vice-versa?

Sendinblue vs GetResponse Compared


SendinBlue is a decade-old service. It started providing its service when there are already pretty good options out there. Its entry into the already competitive space was successful, and here we are discussing it.


In 2021, SendinBlue falls under the best email marketing solutions out there. SendinBlue success can be attributed to its amazing service while offering good prices. They are now serving more than 90,000 users from 160 countries. Another interesting fact about them is that they send emails to more than 100 million users every single day.


GetResponse started during the dotcom experience. Their age and experience are obviously more than SendinBlue. But why are we telling you this?

It is because that they have evolved over the years, providing a cutting-edge solution that SendinBlue still has to achieve. They sell themselves as the easiest email marketing solution. And, they are right!

GetResponse Email Marketing Tool

The first thing that we noticed about their service is how easy it is to set up an email marketing campaign, send an actual email, create newsletters, and so on!

One of the biggest differences between GetResponse and SendinBlue is its ability to provide more features out of the box. It is a combined solution for sales funnels, email marketing, landing pages, and webinar hosting.

GetResponse is also much bigger compared to SendinBlue as it offers its services to more than 370,000 customers. Still not convinced? See all GetResponse alternatives here.

Here is a comparison table comparing features of Sendinblue and GetResponse.

Onboarding processSmooth; manual approval in few casesSmooth
DashboardClean dashboard with access to significant features and vital informationMore intuitive and customizable, thanks to widgets.
Ease of useReasonably easy to useReasonably easy to use
Paid optionsLite, Premium, and Enterprise.Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max.
Free planUnlimited free plan with 300 emails per day limitation30 days trial; No free plan.
Market automationBasic market automation using elements and editors, and autoresponders.Advanced marketing automation and autoresponders.
TemplatesAround 100500+ templates
EditorDrag and dropDrag and drop
Landing page creationBasic levelAdvanced
A/B TestingYesYes
Try SendinBlueTry GetResponse
Sendinblue vs GetResponse Comparison Table

#1. SendinBlue vs GetResponse – Onboarding Process


Getting started with SendinBlue is quite easy. To create an account, you only knew few details. You only need to add basic details such as name and email. It will ask you for more details but be assured; you can skip the details collection section.

Once done, you be asked to choose your plan. They offer four plans, including their free plan. With the free plan, you get the option to send 300 emails per day with the ability to store unlimited contacts, transactional emails, email campaigns, CRM, and one user. Their other plans are also good, which we will discuss in detail in a later section.


With everything done, you will land on the dashboard of your account. It is a minimalistic dashboard where you get an overview of your campaigns and access to the different features.


The onboarding process of GetResponse is somewhat similar to that of SendinBlue. You simple signup using their signup process and activate your account through their activation link. Once activated, it will ask you for more mandatory information (Yes, you cannot skip it.)

It will greet you with a welcome screen and let you know that you have a plan to choose. You can choose your plan right away or go to the dashboard and continue your dashboard.


You will notice a different approach to the dashboard here. They offer a clean dashboard with widgets with the ability to customize them as per your requirement (we will get into more of this later on).

#2. Ease of Use

In this section, we will take a look at how easy to use both platforms are. By reading the section, you will be able to determine if the platform is suited for you or not, especially if you are a beginner.


In our getting started section, we discussed the onboarding process. It’s streamlined while not overloading the users at their first visit. So, we give their onboarding process plus marks.

Another great thing about SendinBlue is their free plan. It comes with the thirty days free plan. But surely it has some limitations. In this, you can send 300 emails per day which is more than enough for a small business, considering that you do not have to pay a single dime to send the emails.

When it comes to contact storage, you get the option to store unlimited ones.

Clearly, the unlimited contacts are not as useful due to limited email sends. But, if you are trying to see if your contacts are compatible with SendinBlue, then the option is a good one.

If you choose a plan during the signup process, then you are already set to utilize its full potential.

SendinBlue offers a pleasant yet powerful dashboard that is smooth. The interface is also easy-to-use, which means you will not feel stuck. However, if you are completely new to marketing solutions, then you may feel overwhelmed with the number of options available.

Overall, it is easy to use. The main navigation solution is also well done as you can easily move around different functionality.


GetResponse is as welcoming as SendinBlue. The onboarding process is clean and kept minimal for providing the basic functionality to the consumer. However, there is one big difference that you will notice right away.

With GetResponse, you are not going to get a free account. But, you will get a trial period of 30 days which we think is more than enough to get hold of what they have to offer.

In case you are not interested in their trial period, you will get access to their paid plan, which starts from just $10.

The free trial is not limited in any way. This means you can use it the way you want and decide if it meets your requirements and expectations.

When it comes to user experience, you will find GetResponse suitable! They have designed the interface so that users can customize it based on their needs.

To make the interface customizable, they have used widgets.

So, if you need something that you are not seeing, you can simply create a widget for it.

If you go more into the solution, you may find more complicated features such as automation. In that case, you may want to take help from an expert or scrounge the documentation to learn about it.

In short, GetResponse makes it easy for beginners to get started while also having something for advanced people.

#3. Templates and Design

One of the critical aspects of email marketing services is their template and design features. Without a good collection and the tools to edit them, they become limited.


Sendinblue offers a good collection of templates. To get started with the template creation process, you need to go to the template section and set it up. You can personalize it based on your requirement.


However, SendinBlue doesn’t have a wide array of templates compared to GetResponse. Here, you get access to 65 ready-made templates.

SendinBlue gives you the ability to use a drag and drop editor, rich text editor, or simply paste your code. In case you are looking for templates, you need to go to the template gallery, where you get access to their 65 templates.


The drag and drop editor also works well. It offers you the ability to work seamlessly without worrying too much about writing any code. You can choose design elements and edit them accordingly. If you are building from scratch, you get to choose from already-existing elements.

To see your progress, you need to view it in a browser. This approach is good but not the best compared to having a real-time preview.


GetResponse offers a good collection of templates for its users. Out of the box, you will get access to its 500+ pre-designed categorized email templates.


The majority of the email templates are modern and offer something unique to your email marketing campaign. Also, they are responsive in nature which means that you can use them without worrying about how the templates will render on mobile screens.

You also get access to blank templates with different presets. So, if you want to work from scratch, you can take the blank templates’ help.


But, what about the editor? Is it good?

Well, we tested it out, and it does show life in it. With it, you can edit the templates as per your needs. You will find blocks that you can edit. Also, the editor is drag and drop, which means you do not need any coding experience to create the templates.

The editor also comes with a handy online preview option so that you know how your design looks. However, it is not real-time, and you need to click on it every time you want to check what’s on offer.

Another alternative tool that you can use to create your emails is the Email creator.

Overall, the templates and design aspect of GetResponse is amazing. It offers you the following things in a single package:

  • Get access to content blocks such as buttons, text, video, and images
  • You can also add custom-core elements using HyperText Markup Language
  • You can do a spam-check before you try to send it to your audience
  • You can completely customize your emails using fonts, color palette, and brand logos

#4. Landing Page Creation

Landing pages let you capture new leads for your business. Both SendinBlue and GetResponse offer the ability to create landing pages. Let’s discuss them here.


SendinBlue offers a great landing page creation feature. You can create a landing page using their drag and drop builder.

The pre-built templates will help you through the process of creating a functional landing page. You can also choose to create a landing page from scratch. The editor lists the elements on the left-hand side, which you can drag and drop on the builder.

Overall, it offers a good experience when it comes to landing page creation.


GetResponse landing page feature is on a completely different level. They offer Landing Page Creator, which comes with more than 100+ ready-made templates. You can also get started with landing page creation directly from the dashboard.

Once you are there, you get to choose from a plethora of landing page templates. The templates are categorized for easy access. In case you want to build from scratch, you can also do so. The template comes with two pages, one the basic landing page and the other “Thank you” page.


All the landing page elements are editable and you do not need any programming language experience to work with. You can simply drag and drop the elements to the editor. In case you want more customization, you can open up the HTML editor and edit the code directly. For preview purposes, you need to click on the preview option.

Overall, the landing page creation tool is excellent. Not to mention, the landing pages are also responsive and can easily render on mobile devices.

With landing page creator, you can do the following:-

  • Use sections to structure the landing page
  • Add forms including pop-up forms and registration forms
  • Use countdown timers
  • Can use custom code including JavaScript, HTML and CSS

The landing page created by GetResponse can also be integrated with analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

#5. Email Marketing Campaigns

At the core, you need the tools to manage your email marketing campaigns. Let’s discuss what each of the solutions has to offer when it comes to email marketing campaigns.


With SendInBlue, you are going to get the best possible email marketing solution. The other key features offered by SendinBlue are connected to make email marketing work.

So, what can you do with SendinBlue features?

You can create an email campaign that can work to improve your success, including email engagement, accuracy, personalization options, and so on.

SendinBlue solution is ideal for small or large audiences. In both cases, you can take advantage of their customized template, where you can customize it based on your audience. This means you can send customized emails to your audience without the need to write emails for every one of your subscribers.

You can also set times at which the emails can be sent. The scheduling feature allows you to ensure that the audience receives it at best possible or optimal time.

To help you understand your campaign better, SendinBlue also offers campaign insights. If you are not sure whether your landing pages or emails are working optimally, you can do A/B testing. A/B testing is crucial to optimize your campaign(we will cover more of it later on).

So, how is the reliability?

SendinBlue offers high standards when it comes to managing the campaigns. Apart from the tools required to manage your campaigns, it also offers proper customization that goes a long way in automating your campaign for the best possible results.


GetResponse also excels when it comes to email marketing — after all, at the core, all of its features are designed to work towards making email marketing easier and more accessible.

GetResponse offers a complete package as you get access to templates, drag and drop editor, automation, A/B testing, and so on!

However, it is not tailor-made for complete beginners. So, if you are just starting out with email marketing solutions without any help, then GetResponse can pose a good learning curve before you get used to it.

The other key features that make GetResponse great are as follows:

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Email newsletters
  • Dynamic tools
  • A/B testing
  • Welcome emails

 And so on!

#6. Automation

Automation is a crucial part of any business. With automation, you can save time doing repetitive work and let the machine handle it for you.


GetResponse has good automation tools built-in. You get access to its marketing automation tool that lets you enable your marketing campaigns and get as much traction as possible.

In marketing automation, you get access to pre-built triggers and templates. To access them, you need to go to the quick actions menu. These tools will help you set up your marketing campaign and automate them when needed.

In case you need more control over your campaign, you can also take advantage of the full suite of communication and growth tools.


To access them, you need to check the top left corner of the solution, i.e., the menu.

So, what type of automation can you achieve with GetResponse?

You can create an action for an event. For instance, if a user abandons the cart, you can automate it by sending an email to the customer asking them to continue the process of purchase. You can also set other custom automation as per your need.

The process of defining automation is also intuitive. You get an editor where you can drag and drop the elements and then simply connect them to make them work. You can also integrate services or apps in case you need one.

Another important feature that falls under automation is autoresponders. With autoresponders, you can auto-respond to emails that fit a situation. The autoresponder lets you quickly set up a campaign and make them work on its own. For instance, you can create a 30-day mailing campaign where you distribute your wisdom through the period of 30 days.

Sounds interesting?

You can also create more fine-tuned autoresponders that can initiate a chain of mails for someone who simply opens up your mail and clicks on a link.


SendinBlue automation is not as strong as GetResponse. But that doesn’t mean they are bad in this respect.

You can also set up automation for abandoned carts or newsletter signups.


They also come with a builder to drag and drop different builder tools to customize the automation.

To ensure that you do not have to start from scratch, it comes with pre-built templates.

Just like GetResponse, Sendinblue also comes with autoresponders which can be customized based on your requirements.

#7. A/B Testing

A/B Testing lets you test different versions and see which one is performing best.


SendinBlue’s A/B testing offers the use of email sequences and inside workflows. By using these, you can figure out what’s working better. To give you more control, you can use the different workflows, including email templates and workflow combinations. For instance, you can set the valuables as subject lines and see which subject line is working better.


With GetResponse, you can also opt for A/B testing to refine your email marketing campaign. Just like SendinBlue, you can also test out the different aspects of your emails and see how they perform.

You can also test out landing pages and webinars. The different elements you can test using GetResponse include CTA, Images, Colors, Navigation elements, and so on!

Sendinblue vs GetResponse – Pricing

Pricing plays a vital role in determining which service you are going to use. One of the most significant differences that you will notice is that SendinBlue comes with a free plan. The free plan is limited to 300 emails per day to store as many contacts as possible.


Then comes their paid plans which start from $25 per month. These plans are as follows:-

  • Lite: $25 per month, 10,000 emails, no daily sending limit, email support, and comes with lite+ add-on including advanced statistics, A/B testing, Sendinblue logo removal, and so on.
  • Premium: The premium plan starts from $65 per month, where you can send 20K emails. It comes with everything you get from Lite plus landing pages, multi-user access, Facebook ads, marketing automation, and telephone support.
  • Enterprise: Lastly, they offer enterprise plans. It is fine-tuned towards enterprise, and to get a quote, you need to connect with them. It comes with more advanced features, including additional landing pages, SSO, priority support, 10+ user access, and so on.

GetResponse does not come with any free plan. However, you do get access to a 30-day trial which should be more than enough to test it out and see if it fits your requirement or not.


They offer four plans:-

  • Basic: $15 per year, where you get access to email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, sales funnels, Facebook ads, and so on.
  • Plus: $49 per year where you get access to everything basics and more, including webinars, automation builder, sales funnels, work together, and so on.
  • Professional: The professional plan starts at $99 per month, where you get everything from plus and unlimited automation builder, paid webinars, web push notifications, and so on.
  • Max: Their Max plan is aimed at enterprises where you need to contact them for custom pricing.

All the plans expect the Max to come with 1000 list sizes.

Sendinblue vs GetResponse – Which one to Choose?

What email tool is should you choose? To answer this, You need to take a look at your requirements.

What is your budget? Do you want more automation or scalability? Do you need a more straightforward method of creating email templates?

See, you need to make an informed decision based on what’s shared here.

Both GetResponse and SendinBlue are excellent email marketing solutions. If you are looking for an email marketing solution, then SendinBlue is a good pick. GetResponse offers many additional features compared to SendinBlue such as webinars, push notifications, website chat, conversion funnels, etc. and hence we can categorize it under the All-in-one marketing solution.

When it comes to pricing, SendinBlue is more cost-effective for medium to large contact lists. For a smaller list, both are good.

If you are a new business, it is advised that you use their free or trial account and figure out which one is more intuitive for you or your team. After that, look at your requirements and see if it works for you or not.

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