MailerLite is one of the most economical email marketing tools currently. Established in 2005, this service is now used by more than 800,000 companies every month.

So, is MailerLite the best email marketing service? 

Mailerlite Review havewebsitesMailerLite is an essential, useful email newsletter software that offers brilliant free-of-cost and paid plans for users. People prefer Mailerlite due to its user-friendliness, competitiveness, and affordability. However, the automation is not as vast, but it still offers premium features that are simply worth the amount paid. 

You can use it for email campaigns, online promotions, host landing pages, and automate emails. For anyone looking for an easy email marketing service, MailerLite is the ultimate option for them.

Before diving into its review and how to use it, let’s take a quick look at its summary, pros, and cons.

Summary, Pros, and Cons of Mailerlite 

  • Price: Free; paid plan starts from $10.
  • Free Plan: Upto 1000 subscribers with 12000 email sends per month.

What I liked about Mailerlite:

  • Free Plan MailerLite offers its users free-of-cost plans which are loaded with useful features such as marketing automation. It helps users to promote their business ventures without paying any cost-effectively.
  • Sleek Interface: It is an easy and straightforward interface conveniently used by new and experienced users alike. 
  • Landing Page Creator: MailerLite offers a unique Landing Page Editor feature to its valued users to easily create and design a landing page on their domain.
  • Strong Email editor; with complete drag and drop elements and modules.

What I didn’t like about Mailerlite:

  • Automation is basic: Although MailerLite is available at great prices with almost all features, the automation it offers is very basic. 
  • Slow Interface for Free users: Unless you are subscribed to a paid plan, the interface load way too slow to open anything.

The main task of an email marketing campaign is email creation, so it needs to be perfect. In this scenario, MailerLite is an ideal email service.

Mailerlite Review

The main task of an email marketing campaign is email creation, so it needs to be perfect. In this scenario, MailerLite is an ideal email service. MailerLite allows users to design conversion tools such as newsletter subscription forms for site visitors. It also facilitates building popup forms and website embedded forms similarly.

Creating Email Campaigns with Mailerlite 

Users can create email newsletters through MailerLite and carry out email promotions. Alternatively, they can use RSS to send digests from blog content robotically.

Here are some of the email campaign options that we need to decide on before we move on to integrating the campaign on our website. 

  • Standard Email Campaigns: Marketers can give campaigns a specific name, aim at a group of subscribers, and generate an email to send.  
  • A/B Split Campaigns: Perform email optimization; test one email against the other. 
  • Auto Resend Campaigns: This campaign is similar to the regular one, but now the task is to resend to only those who did not respond to the initial email. This email editor help enhance opens and clicks.
  • RSS Campaign: There is good news for MailerLite users who own a blog, as they can automate new campaigns when they have to market the latest content on the website. So, it is perfect for bloggers and low maintenance email newsletters. 

First, we are going to choose the type of campaign we need. Here in this example, we will be following a regular campaign. 


Next up, we need to choose whether we need to create the campaign from scratch or select a template design. 


In this example, we will be choosing a template that will be customized according to user needs. 


After selecting the template, you will be redirected where you can edit your email contents. 


Once you finish editing the template, you will be click “Done Editing” to choosing the recipients. We can manage our recipients in subscriber management. Finally last step is to finalize our campaign schedule, and we are done with our first campaign. Wow! That was easy!

Amplify Subscribers Through Subscriber Segmenting: 

MailerLite has another fantastic feature known as Subscriber management. Sending the same email to every subscriber is not what professional companies need in this modern era. If you wish to improve your conversion rates, you need to bisect your audience into different segments.


Segments are just like email rules that we implement to categorize different users/ contacts. The subscribers who fulfill the rules are a part of that particular segment. In Mailerlite, you also have the option to combine the rules to create alternate rules. The picture above shows how you can set up segments. 

However, if we talk about groups in email marketing, they are also called as tags by other email providers.


Tags are simple collections of subscribers that you can automate as well as manage yourself. We will be discussing it further during the automation section. 

Creating Embedded Forms with Mailer Lite

Creating new forms is not a problem now because Mailer Lite brings you this fantastic opportunity. To start, you need to name the form and select the list of subscribers or the groups. After this, it will ask you to design the way as shown below in the picture. 

In the design tab, you can customize the form as per your requirements.

After designing the form, it will generate a shortcode that you can addon your website, and your form will start working on the selected pages. You can further customize the form in the settings tab. 


Another way Mailerlite can help attracting customers is to highlight campaigns through popups. Just like embedded forms, you can create Popups.


Creating Landing Pages

Mailerlite provides some fantastic and attractive landing page designs and easy to use customization options.


Here you are choose your preferred design from the list of 100s of templates.


With a drag and drop customization menu, it becomes effortless to blend any design into your desired one. 

You will be redirected to another page to change the design of of your landing page.


Similarly MailerLite’s website builder enables users to create basic websites with multiple pages. The only peculiar thing is that while creating a Mailerlite website, users need to link it to a subscriber group. The best part is that the templates are perfect and do not require many changes.

Email Automation

You can initiate your marketing campaign by sending an automatic welcome email series. 

Email automation is a fantastic feature of mailer lite, allowing you to create workflows based on campaign actions.


For instance, subscribers opening a link will lead to some attractive offers in their region. You can automate this process by defining rules and relax back with hot chocolate seeing your subscribers grow. 

Other Exciting Features 

  • 60 Free email newsletter templates.
  • 20 Pre-built Modules.
  • Lively Content Blocks.
  • Special Drag-and-Drop Features.
  • YouTube Email Inserts.
  • Send Preview.
  • Share email via link or PDF.
  • Email Sending Schedules.

Mailerlite Price Structure

Mailerlite is one of the top email service providers among modern tools. One of the best tools for startups, small-scale businesses, and individuals who do not have enough time and money to spend on email marketing. It is undoubtedly the best option for you to have an easy-to-use interface and numerous other features.

Following are the pricing plans that Mailer Lite offers to its customers.

  • Free plan: In this package, you can save up to 1000 subscribers and send up to 12000 emails per month.
  • Paid plan: Starts from $10/month and allows you to save up to 1,000 subscribers with unlimited emails. You can remove branding, create popup forms, deliver by IP zone, track click locations, and do A/B split tests.

The price increases as your subscribers or the contact list increases in size.


Is Mailerlite Right Tool for You?

Complete Beginner

MailerLite features a primary and easy-to-use interface, instinctual navigation, and a user-friendly email editor. It is undoubtedly the preferred choice for anyone who is a novice in email marketing campaigns. 

Blogger or Creatives: 

Besides the competitive and budget-friendly pricing of MailerLite, it offers some remarkable features for the bloggers. A few examples include WordPress integration, RSS campaigns, and video marketing. 

Small Business Owners, Solo Entrepreneurs, or Freelance Individuals: 

MailerLite is a recommended marketing tool for anyone with a limited budget but also needs additional features at the same time. A few valuable MailerLite features, including automation, contact labeling, segments, and subdivisions, and the landing page editor supports sophisticated marketing campaigns. 

Should you buy Mailerlite or Not?

MailerLite is an innovative email marketing service that is highly versatile. Starting for free, you can run effective email campaigns, power new subscriber onboarding processes, and create landing pages. 

It offers a simple and user-friendly interface and caters to the needs of small-scale business owners or solopreneurs. 

For anyone who wants to do effective marketing campaigns for less than 1000 subscribers, MailerLite is best for them. 

Mailerlite also offers automation in both free and paid plans, although they are not as feature-rich as other costlier services.

Fundamentally, MailerLite is the top choice for users who have simple requirements for sending emails with basic automation. 

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