There’s no denying that there are a lot of beautiful WordPress themes out there. Amongst the huge pile of great themes, a relatively new theme is building a lot of hype – Kadence WordPress Theme.

Kadence is a pioneering WordPress theme that offers user-friendly features to transform the website making experience. Users can use the Kadence theme to create anything from a blog site to a shopping store or even an online portal. In just two months of its release, it has been downloaded by over 200,000+ users and giving tough competition to its directly competing Astra theme. Let’s get on to what this theme has to offer and see if it is worthy of you.

Kadence Theme Review – Free vs Paid

Kadence original version comes as free that was praised by its users as one of the best free WordPress themes out there. And they weren’t just saying that for the sake of it – Kadence provided features on its free version that even most of the paid themes lacked such as responsive design, fast loading times, CSS preloading, drag and drop header and footer builder, numerous posts/ pages layouts, global color palette with tons of color options, typography and buttons.

If you think this is impressive, the pro version will certainly blow your mind. The pro version adds tons of additional features to an already magnificent theme including header addons, hooked elements, mega menus, header and footer scripts, infinite scroll, and additional WooCommerce capabilities

Now that you have a rough idea about all the features Kadence theme offers, let’s get into the ones that make this theme stand out from the rest.

Once you buy and activate the pro version, you can check all the newly added options by visiting Appearance -> Kadence. Here, you can turn ‘ON‘ or ‘OFF‘ any feature based on your personal preference.


Customization Options

Lets take a closer look at its customization options. Kadence theme’s free version provides 10 different customizable options that increase to 14 when you opt for the pro version. Here is a screenshot to compare the two versions. However many of this menu comes with more additional options inside of it.


Global Colors

The use of this customization setting should be self-explanatory. Global Colors lets you customize the color scheme of your entire website. When you click on the Customize link, you will be presented with a set of options – all related to the site color scheme.


The first thing will notice is the Global Palette option. You can set up three different pallets with different colors that you can use to color up your whole website. Apart from that, you get the option to change the website’s background, content background, the title above the content background, and overlay color.

Branding & Typography

This is where you customize how your brand’s logo and favicon looks. Here, you can upload your brand logo and adjust its layout. You will also be able to alter the name of your website and add a tagline. All these are inside the General tab.

Inside typography, you can play with a ton of options to change how the font looks. You have the option to change the Base Font and see the live preview just below it.

You can also alter how the Headings look. You get to choose the font family and customize H1 to H6 fonts. Moreover, there’s also the option to modify the breadcrumbs font, select Title Over Content font, and choose the preferred Google Font Subsets.

Drag and Drop Header/ Footer Layout

This is where you customize the header or footer. There are a number of items you can add to the header and customize each item even further. You can add 3 additional navigation, search icon, buttons, social icons, HTLM, cart, account, HTML2, 3 dividers, search bar, widget area, contact link, and widget toggle area.

You can drag and drop the items you want to add and see them on your website as you add them.


Once you add any one of the items, you will see its name on top with an arrow that leads to an area where you can customize that particular item.

Just like header, you can also drag and drop footer modules to design your footer’s layout.


Hooked Elements

This is one of the best features you’ll get when you purchase Kadence Pro. This feature lets you add content anywhere on your website. The best thing about this feature is that you can even use page builders with it.

To get started, you need to go to Appearance -> Elements and choose the type of Element – Default, Fixed, or Code.


You can change the element’s behavior through the Element Settings, which can be accessed via the button on the top-right corner of the page.


You can change the placement, display settings, user settings, device settings, and expires settings.


You can decide if you want your element to appear on entire website or just few selected pages/posts.


Once you select all your desired options, here is how the banner created using Element will appear on your website. You can change the colors, style, alignment as per your requirements.


Similarly, you can create multiple Elements and place them anywhere on your website.


If you want to have eCommerce elements on your website, this is how you do it. The Pro version of Kadence adds more options to customize your WooCommerce store. You get a total of 8 different options that you can customize as per your preference.


The General Tab of the Store Notice option is for publishing a notice website-wide. You can change the text and choose an alignment. The Design tab lets you change the fonts of the notice and the background color.


The Single Product Layout option is where you can customize how a product and is shown. You can modify the above content layout and product layout.

You can also change the product’s content style, add padding, and toggle what elements are shown.

Other WooCommerce customizations include product catalog, product images, checkout, cart behavior, account layout, and product archive.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks plugin is free-of-cost and can easily be downloaded from It allows building a customized layout for a web page. You can add squeezebox, tabs, infoboxes, icon blocks, insertions, separators, and even advanced heading blocks. Users can also pick pre-built blocks from the collection. 


To use special Kadence features like on-scroll animation, image overlay block, carousel block, video popup block, and many more, users will have to purchase the premium version. 


While the Kadence theme enhances the website stance, it also loads super-fast, boosting user experience to incredible levels. Some user testimonials reveal that the Kadence theme loads within a second, making it a preferred option for the majority.

Even when users design a graphic-loaded website, still the loading speed is unmatchable. The parallel SVG icons, element style panes, and absence of hefty JavaScript files provide the site an edge that makes it swifter than other competitor themes.

Kadence theme also provides its users an option to pre-load CSS in the site header. Calling the code upon request further boosts the site’s performance.

I conducted a speed test for Kadence theme on various tools. I am using Kadence on this very site so I used my own site’s URL to check site speed. Here are metrics I used:

  • URL used:
  • Hosting: Namecheap Shared Server
  • CDN used: None
  • Cache Plugin: WP Optimize
Results from GTmetrix:

Results from Google PageSpeed:

Results from Pingdom:

Kadence Theme Review – Should You Buy Kadence Theme?

Kadence is getting famous for its remarkable style, user-friendliness, and swiftness. The pre-built starter sites and blocks facilitate users to design bespoke websites easily. Also, people love it for its intuitiveness and SEO-friendliness. A bit pricier, but the top-notch site builder is worth purchasing.

So, is this the theme for you? Well, that is for you to decide. Let me lay out what you’ll be getting. The free version has features that most of the WordPress themes don’t have – including the paid ones. It is incredibly fast, SEO friendly, compatible with tons of free and premium plugins, WooCommerce ready, and more.

If this is not everything you want, you have the option to go for the pro version, which gives you additional features like a mega menu, more header and footer options, Element hooks, and more WooCommerce options.

It doesn’t matter if you choose the free version or the paid – Kadence is providing features that most themes aren’t.

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