If you are looking for Elementor alternatives, then this article is for you. The limitation of WordPress is why page builders are so excellent. They act as a bridge between the users and the aforementioned inaccessible areas. Page Builders provide you with a complete graphical user interface that lets you work on the site’s front end and back end entirely without having to code. A couple of drag and drops here, a few clicks there and voila, your website is ready.

Elementor builder is one such drag and drop page builder for WordPress, which comes in both free and paid variants. You can either use and tweak one of the templates from Elementor’s library or build one from scratch; without coding knowledge.

If you are on a budget or have no intention of spending a single dime on page builders, then Elementor is perfect. The core product is completely free. And you can opt for the premium or pro version for some additional features.

But, Elementor has its own limitations in terms of accessibility and user’s preference. And that is why we curated this list of 7 Best Elementor alternatives.

top elementor alternatives

Top Elementor Alternatives

#1. Divi Builder

Divi from ElegantThemes, is one of the most renowned page builders for WordPress. Divi builder has been around since 2010 and has accumulated over 15 million active installations worldwide. Compared to Elementor builder, Divi offers a simple yet powerful drag and drop page builder, which lets you see a live preview as you make changes to it. Install Divi, and you will receive galore of options to create the website of your vision without touching a single line of code.

The provided front end editor is magnificently easy use, and you’ll have fun working with it. Out of the box, you can access thousands of different styling options for rows, columns, sections, and modules.

The featured called Wireframe View strips away all the visual elements of the web page and lets you see its basic structure – useful if you are a professional with some technical know-how.

Divi builder - Alternative to Elementor

For $89 per year, get access to Divi Theme, Extra Theme, Bloom email opt-in plugin, and Monarch social media plugin. You also get an arsenal of 1000+ beautifully made ready to use layouts which will let you create a full-fledged website in just a matter of seconds.

What users Love about Divi Builder:

  1. Comes as a single package of both theme and a builder.
  2. Hundreds of page layout templates in Divi marketplace.
  3. Fully complete, ready to use website packs. ·
  4. High customizabable with Powerful visual frontend and backend editor.
  5. Easy to design header, body, and footer.
  6. Supports 3rd party extensions and customs post types.
  7. Import and export settings and layouts.
  8. Offers A/B testing.

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#3. Themify Builder

You’ve probably heard of Themify as it is one of the most popular go-to places for quality themes and plugins for WordPress. Themify’s Ultra theme is rated as one of the top selling WordPress themes.

Although Themify Builder didn’t get much attention at first due to limited functionalities, they redeemed themselves later by updating the builder with a magnificent collection of features that allowed users to create stunning and robust websites.

Themify Builder - Elementor alternative

The builder has a plugin that beautifully integrates with WordPress block, allowing you to use Themify Build block instead. But if you do not use the block editor, you can use the full-fledged frontend instead as it is more spacious to use anyway.

The menu at the top has tons of useful features that let you preview the page in other devices, revert changes, use saved layouts, switch to backend editor, and much more. The sidebar displays rows, modules, templates blocks, and saved layout.

Themify Builder comes in both a free and paid version.

The free version is quite useful with about 29 content modules such as WordPress widgets, sliders, and more. If you go for the $39 premium package, you get access to an additional 25 modules that includes pricing tables, content restriction, and more.

The Pro version is a complete theme builder and gives you the power to completely customize the site’s footer, header, 404 pages, WooCommerce pages, and much more.

What Users Love about Themify Builder:

  1. Works in both frontend and backend.
  2. 100+ styling options for the row, columns, and modules.
  3. 50+ Free ready-to-use design layouts to choose from.
  4. 29 (+25 paid) content modules.
  5. Can be Integration with WordPress block editor.
  6. You can easily Import, export, and save layouts.
  7. Supports role editor.
  8. Supports all major plugins and themes.
  9. Option of Global styles and fonts.

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#3. Beaver Builder

Beaver is another top rated drag and drop page builder with millions of users all across the globe. At a glance, you might find Beaver’s editor a bit plane and dull, but do not be fooled by its appearance as it packs quite a punch.

The editor has tons of useful styling options and is one of the fastest editors out there. With just a few clicks, you can build a beautiful website in maybe less than 5 minutes.

Beaver is a perfect alternative to Elementor. It lets you insert contents neatly in available rows and columns using six modules (in the free version) – Audio, HTML, Photo, Video, Text Editor, and Sidebar. You also get the ability to add WordPress Widgets.


Although a free version is available, the premium version is far more potent than what the free demo is. The number of modules gets extended to whooping 29 and includes forms, maps, tables, and much more. You get access to tons of readymade templates for landing pages, content pages, and more. if you want to save specific custom created rows, columns, and modules to use them later, you can do that.

At $99 for the standard license, you get premium support for a year and access unlimited sites. If you opt for the pro version at $199, you can access WordPress multisite and the Beaver Builder Theme framework. There’s a 3rd license called the Agency License, which is available for $399.

Top Features of Beaver Builder Include:

  • Powerful and fast frontend drag and drop editor.
  • Compatible with most themes and even supports all WordPress post types.
  • Tons of beautiful premade templates. You can even Import and Export templates from 3rd party providers.
  • It is fully compatible with WordPress multisite.
  • Supports many 3rd party plugins.
  • Super lightweight and easy to use.

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#4. WPBakery Page Builder

This shortcode based drag and drop builder was launched in 2011 as Visual Composer (they released another page builder of the same name later) and overnight established itself as a great frontend and backend page builder for WordPress.


You see the main menu at the top of every page. Although the interface might look outdated and feel slow at times, it is still one of the easiest to use page builder out there. Over 50 modules, a role editor, and shortcode mapper make WPBakery still relevant today. You also get access to an extensive library containing beautiful premade blocks, and the builder lets you save your layouts to reuse later.

WPBakery also has an excellent support team who will get back to you with the solutions to your queries as fast as possible.

Top Features of WPBakery Builder Includes:

  1. Great frontend and backend editor with sleek interface.
  2. More than 50 modules/elements, 100+ readymade layouts and 200+ addons.
  3. Support for User role editor.

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#5. SiteOrigin

This simple yet powerful page builder by SiteOrigin does a remarkable job integrating its frontend page builder into WordPress block editor. It must be doing a great job as it is already installed by 1 million users and is one of the best in the market. Although the interface might look a bit plain if compared to what big players like Divi offers, it still does its job and it does it well.


You can add modules, rows, columns, layout, and more if you are using its full-fledged editor. Out of the box, you get access to 9 content modules, but the number can be extended to 31 if you install the widgets bundle. Furthermore, you can add an option to edit CSS by installing Site Origin CSS. For $29, you can get the builder’s premium version, which adds 20 more content modules, including modules for the custom post type, forms, and more.

Top Features of SiteOrigin page builder Include:

  1. Live preview with Intuitive interface.
  2. Tons of readymade layouts with Import and export option.
  3. Compatible with all major plugins and themes.
  4. Supports custom post type..
  5. Custom styling of rows and widgets available.
  6. Core features are completely free to use, including 30+ content module.

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#6. Visual Composer

This drag and drop page builder is a user-friendly way to build custom website layouts in minutes. Although it is from the same developers behind WPBakery, Visual Composer is claimed to be better as it is stated that WPBakery has performance issues because it uses shortcodes. Visual Composer is significantly faster as it uses ReactJS.


Visual Composer replaces the basic editor that comes pre-built on WordPress, enabling you to build and truly take control of your design. You can use a variety of texts, media, and customize modules as you desire. Either start from scratch or build a site in minutes using the included templates. There is a wide variety of elements to choose from, including simple text to e-commerce pricing tables.

When you install the free version, you get access to only 12 content modules, but this can be extended to 35 if you add the additional modules via the Visual Composer Hub. There is a free starter theme that can help you get started if you’re a complete beginner.

If you upgrade to the premium package, the total number of available modules will increase to 183, and you also get additional templates, addons, blocks, stock images, and much more.

Top features of Visual Composer include:

  1. Powerful frontend editor with easy to use interface.
  2. Visual Composer Hub marketplace.
  3. Generous free version with lots of features including a Free started theme.
  4. Hundreds of modules, templates, and addons.
  5. Supports major 3rd party plugins including YoastSEO and Gutenberg.
  6. Supports custom post types.

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#7. Brizy

Brizy is relatively a new page builder for WordPress deserves recognition for its intuitive interface built with React. This Elementor builder alternative was released in April 2018 by ThemeFuse, it already has more than 50 thousand active installs.

With more than 22 content modules, 5-page layouts, and 100+ readymade blocks, Brizy is making its way up to the Elementor builder. You can read about Brizy vs Elementor comparison in more details here.


The sidebar lets you add different elements such as text, icons, buttons, and more, whereas different headers, footers, and other blocks can be added using the + icon. You can easily adjust the predesigned blocks to fit your branding. With the inclusion of inline editing, you can quickly point, click, and edit directly on the page.

Upgrading Brizy to pro version comes with additional 12 content modules, and more than 150 beautifully made templates and blocks.

Top Features of Brizy (A Perfect Elementor alternative) include:

  1. True visual editing experience.
  2. Powerful and gorgeous frontend editor.
  3. Huge collection of stunning premade templates and blocks. ·
  4. User Role editor.
  5. Save and reuse layouts, and set global styles.

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Final Verdict – Which Elementor Builder Alternative Should You Choose?

So, these are some of the best alternatives for Elementor builder. To conclude, please understand that a perfect page builder does not exist; what you find good might not be preferable by others.

My recommendation is that you select the best few and do a live test on each of them (if your budget allows). Note down your requirements and choose a page builder based on that. Take some time to get familiar with the one you ultimately want and play around with the tools.

  • Divi builder is great if you’re looking for a mature page builder with additional benefits such as Monarch or Bloom plugins, but the paid version might not be under everyone’s budget.
  • Beaver builder offers a much better free version than Divi, but it is still severely limited and is one of the most expensive page builders on the market. But it does have an excellent editor with high quality premade templates.
  • Brizy builder is lighting fast and stunning, but it is relatively new compared to others in this list, so you might not find a huge collection of resources.
  • Themify builder is one of the best builders on the market if you’re looking for a free one. The interface might feel a bit inelegant, but it is straightforward and easy to use for beginners.
  • Visual Composer has tons of resources to offer thanks to its cloud market, but it is expensive if you own multiple sites.
  • Site Origin’s builder has an excellent backend editor and can be integrated with the WordPress block editor if you don’t mind the dated interface.

Your thoughts?

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