Are you looking for Divi alternatives? If you didn’t like Divi theme features, then try these Divi builder alternatives. Most of these WordPress page builders are free and sometimes give better options than Divi builder.

WordPress Page builders help to create professional-looking sites without having much knowledge of coding. One user can create fancy content and design a user-friendly interface using Page builders.

The name – Divi Builder is a synonym to easy page building in WordPress. Divi Builder is the leading drag & drop page builder developed by Elegant Themes for the WordPress platform. It is easy to use and is flexible in many aspects.

With Divi Builder, you can edit your site in real-time and see the changes instantly. It lets you control every aspect of your site. From responsive editing, inline text editing to unlimited revisions, Divi builder is the go-to tool for those who are looking for rapid web development without even touching a single line of code. If you are lazy enough just like me, Divi provides you 1500+ pre-built layouts available with the Divi builder.

Although all these features make your web development experience smooth, Divi may prove to be a little complex, especially for WordPress beginners. And for advanced users, it may seem to be a resource eating builder.

divi alternatives compared

Remember, these Divi builder alternatives have free and pro versions. And our pick of the top 6 generated from the features both of these versions offers cumulatively. 

Everyone wants to try any new page builder free before opting for the paid versions. And our list of best 6 Divi builder alternatives can guide you in a decision.

So what are Alternatives of Divi Builder?

WordPress market is flooded with page builders currently. Most of these builders offer you a free version and some of them have a price tag that you might consider a go.

While Page builders are there to simplify your web development experience, there are some aspects you need to look out when choosing a page builder.

Especially when you are looking for Divi builder alternatives as Divi is almost a synonym of a page builder for WordPress.

  1. How many modules does it offer?
  2. How many predesigned templates does it come with?
  3. Is it a frontend editor, a backend editor, or both?
  4. Is it compatible with other themes or plugins?
  5. How the company supports existing customers?

We researched a lot to find answers to all these questions and here is what we found:-

Top Divi Builder Alternatives

#1. Elementor

Elementor is one of the leading WordPress page builders with thousands of professionals using it. Compared to Divi, it comes with a free version. It is an all in one solution for rapid web development. It has a simple yet powerful builder.

With all the great features that it offers with its free and paid versions, we have kept it at the number one position in Divi builder alternatives.

Divi builder alternatives -Elementor

Elementor builder has two sections. The left sidebar has all the elements that you can use to drag and build content. The right section is the preview section where you can view your site in real-time. You can also set your own layout as templates and use them in the future. The builder has excellent third-party addons support.


The free version of the builder has all the basic features you will need to build a website. If you want to harness the power of Elementor fully, you can get the Elementor Pro for $49 for a single site for a year. The price goes up to $199 if you want to use the Pro version on many websites.

The free version gives you access to 30 basic widgets while the Pro provides 50+ advanced widgets along with a pop-up builder, WooCommerce builder, motion effects (parallax & mouse effects), and more.

My thoughts about Elementor:

  • A powerful and mature drag and drop builder like no other. It is almost bug-free.
  • Comes in both the Free & Pro version available. The free version can be used by someone just starting out and upgrade later.
  • It currently has over 1M active installs which prove how famous it is.
  • The Pro version comes loaded with 300+ pre-made templates that you can use to build any niche website without hiring any designer or developer.
  • It offers only front end with no backend editing options. This is actually its only negative.

Try Elementor Builder

#2. Themify Builder

Themify builder is another powerful page designer for WordPress. The builder has a backend that lets you drag and drop modules and a frontend editor to get the site’s preview as you edit it.

The drag and drop interface is simple yet effective. The Themify builder is packed with 40+ pre-made templates that are ready to use. It offers you different advanced modules, including the Layout part, Gallery, Accordion, and others.

Themify Builder

Themify Builder is available in the Free version and provides almost everything one can expect from a page builder. If you are looking to add the extra features, you can get the Builder Addons package that will cost you $39. It gives access to 25+ addons, including WooCommerce, Maps Pro, and others.

If you want more from the builder, you can get the Themify Builder Pro available for $69. The Pro package includes all the addons plus other advanced features.

My Thoughts About Themify Builder and why it makes it my top choice as one of the Divi builder alternatives:

  • One of the easiest builder we have ever used. It’s simple, straightforward, quick and a breeze to use.
  • It offers some of the best content modules without any price tag.
  • Offers both backend editing and Realtime Frontend editing and can be used with any existing theme.
  • The pro version gives access to 25 additional add-ons.

Try Themify Builder

#3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of the reliable names in WordPress page builders. It has been in the page building game for quite some time now and offers a great alternative to Divi builder.

It offers very limited features in its Free version. However, If you intend to get the most out of the builder, the Pro version gives you access to more than 100 landing page templates, contents, and advanced features. The Pro version of the builder stands at $199 for unlimited sites.


Beaver Builder offers you a complete system for building a modern website. It lets you create appealing pages in no time. Beaver Builder has a clean and minimal interface. You can add elements from the right sidebar that is expanded when you click a button on the top bar. It supports inline text editing that makes adding text easier to the page.

My thoughts about Beaver Builder:

  • The free version of the builder gives access to only 6 modules, which is actually a bummer. The Premium version of the builder gives you 30 modules and access to more than 50 pre-built templates.
  • Support Frontend editing.
  • Super lightweight, reliable, and flexible.
  • Visually appealing templates (pro version).
  • White labeling option.

Try Beaver Builder

#4. Brizy Builder

Brizy is a user-friendly website builder that helps web enthusiasts create pleasing websites without having designer or developer skills. Brizy builder offers an intuitive and clutter-free editing environment. The real-time editing helps you to see the actual webpage while building it. The builder comes with a drag and drops feature that lets the user arrange and move elements with the mouse.


The builder is built on the latest tech stack and supports the latest web technologies. The builder’s UI is somewhat similar to Divi and gets some of the design from Elementor design as well.

One remarkable feature is the Global styling. It is a single click that lets you change all the same colors on the same page. The Right-click menu that gives access to shortcuts and selection tools makes it efficient during the flow.

Brizzy builder is available for free with limited modules and is very capable of building a good looking website with the free version only. And therefore, many people find Brizzy as a great alternative for Divi. 

If you want Brizzy to do more, then the builder’s pricing is fairly competitive with popular names in the market. The Pro version of the builder will cost you $49. This license gives access to 250+ premium designs and is perfect for an individual.

The Pro version of Brizzy gives access to 12 Pro elements, custom fonts, pods integration, A/B split testing, White label option, and many more. Brizy builder has been optimized for different screens. You will be able to view the site in different screens during the development time itself.

My thoughts about Brizy Builder: 

  • Brizy offers a beautiful frontend editor with a Snappy environment for real-time editing.
    A large collection of pre-built templates, content modules are available and usable headers and footers.
  • All custom layouts can be saved and reused later.
  • Built-in role manager just like all other builders.
  • It is a complete site builder which has a nice reputation in the internet community,
  • It is affordable in terms of pricing and goes head to head with other builders.

Try Brizy Builder

#5. Thrive Architect

If you are in the Marketing business, Thrive Architect is another Divi builder alternatives to try. It lets you create beautiful websites with its easy to use page builder. It offers instant drag and drop editing and offers a real-time preview of changes.

Thrive Architect offers you with 40+ bundled landing page templates to create professional sites, landing pages, and others. Apart from the ease and design, Thrive Architect comes with conversion elements that help grow your business.


The Thrive Architect Interface is quite similar to Elementor. You will get a left sidebar for the styling option. The middle section is where you see the live preview of your site. From the right section, you can load pre-built templates and modules. You also get an extra Breadcrumb feature to navigate between elements and sections that you will miss in Elementor.

With all the fancy features, Thrive Architect comes with a price tag. You can get access to the builder at $67. This license gets you to access to 268 landing page templates and 1-year support.

My thoughts about Thrive Builder:

  • No free version is available for this builder which is a setback. So not many prefer it as a Divi alternative
  • Easy to use Frontend editor with pre-built templates, modules & elements.
  • Layout saving feature.
  • Lightbox pop up, and evergreen timer available which no other builder offers.
  • Offers advanced configuration and styling options with a fantastic conversion rate for marketers.
  • Mostly inclined towards marketers.

Try Thrive Architect

#6. Visual Composer

Visual Composer Website Builder is another famous WordPress page builder that gives you powerful tools to build a WordPress site in on time. It is fast and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

This is also one of the most popular Divi builder alternatives. Similar to Elementor, it comes with a free version and a Premium version.

The Premium version costs $49 for a single site for a year and can go up to $349 per year. The builder’s premium version gives you access to 200+ elements and 100+ elements along with their theme builder & pop-up builder.


My thoughts about Visual Composer:

  • Easy to use drag and drop editor.
  • Visual composer hub with content elements, templates, and images.
  • Responsive design & Frontend editor.
  • Offers theme builder and Popup builder in the premium version.

Try Visual Composer

Final Verdict – Which Divi Alternative to Choose?

The above six are our best Divi builder alternatives. All of the builders mentioned above offer you more or less the same feature but with a different price tag and code blocks.

If you are some in the marketing business, Thrive Architect is the one you should be going after. As per a recent survey, it has high conversion rates as compared to other builders.

If you are looking for a balanced page builder with the best features and ease of use, Elementor or Themify is the page builder you should be looking at, followed by Beaver Builder and Brizy.

Your thoughts?

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