Cheap Email marketing services can give your business the boost that you are looking for. Companies rely heavily on communicating with their customers. That’s why email marketing is at the core of business growth. To aid your email marketing, you need the best email marketing tool.

Cheap Email Marketing ServicesWith these cheap email marketing tools, you will be able to run your email campaigns from start to finish. The right email marketing software not only has marketing features but also has a good deliverability rate. As competition is stiff, these tools also come with other automation features that can help you grow your business in the right direction.

This article lists the ten best email marketing services to help you manage your email campaigns.

10 Cheap Email Marketing Services

Email ProviderFree PlanCheapest PlanNo. of Subscribers
Constant ContactNo$20500

To better understand the email service providers, we first need to understand some of the basic aspects related to the services.

#1. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is an affordable email marketing software that offers an impressive set of features for email campaigns and automation. With Mailerlite, you get access to 14-day unlimited emails.

cheap email marketing service Mailerlite

The main key features offered by Mailerlite include the ability to create amazing campaigns using their drag and drop editor. They also offer access to a rich text editor and custom HTML editor so that you can edit the designs if needed. To fast track those campaigns, you also get access to newsletter templates. Also, they have provisions for creating e-Commerce campaigns.

You also get access to other growth tools, including website builders, landing pages, pop-ups, subscriber management, and embedded forms. As a business, you also get to optimize campaigns using A/B testing.

Lastly, you can track your results using campaign reports and surveys. Overall, Mailerlite offers the right package with reasonable pricing.

When it comes to pricing, their paid plan starts at just $10 per month, where you can send unlimited emails per month to 1 to 1000 subscribers. They also offer a free plan, which is limited to 12000 emails per month.

#2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is another excellent marketing automation tool that offers all-round features when it comes to customer experience. With ActiveCampaign, you can automate every aspect of your email marketing. It is also suited for digital business, eCommerce, and B2B companies.


The concept of ActiveCampaign is to provide the best customer experience through their solution using their set of tools. So, what solutions do they have to offer? They have to offer the four products to include email marketing, service & support, CRM and sales automation, and marketing automation. It also supports a wide variety of industries, including eCommerce, Agency, Education, Technology, Small Business, Enterprise, and more!

At the time of writing, they are being used by 120,000+ businesses that span over 170 countries.

Also, you can get started with ActiveCampaign. However, there is no free trial on the paid plans. So, if you are interested, it is best to get started with the free version and then move to the paid options.

ActiveCampaign is feature-rich and offers tons of features worth mentioning. Some of the notable ones include the following:

  • Salesforce automation features such as Order and Quote management, desktop integration, account and account management, and so on.
  • Email marketing features such as sending outbound emails, personalizing and building emails, automated email responses, and manage email deliverability
  • Marketing automation features such as campaign management, lead management, email marketing, and marketing ROI analytics
  • Online marketing features including dynamic content, A/B testing, mobile-optimized, and so on!

ActiveCampaign claims that they have a deliverability rate of more than 90%. However, other reports on the internet suggest that the deliverability rate hovers around 85%.

When it comes to pricing, ActiveCampaign starts with just $9 per month. It gives access to 500 contacts storage and other marketing features.

#3. GetResponse

GetResponse is another excellent cheap email marketing campaign software with tons of features. With GetResponse, you can capture leads, create pages, send emails, and much more! In short, it offers you the necessary tools to automate your marketing and provide email service.

GetResponse Email Marketing Tool

Getting straight to the deliverability rate, they promise 99% delivery to your subscriber list. However, that’s far away from the actual numbers. On our search for answers, we found out it hovered anywhere between 80-90%. That’s pretty good considering the pricing structure of GetResponse.

You can get started with GetResponse from just $15 per month, where you can have a list size of 1000 contacts. And, what do you get it with? You get a bunch of features.

With their basic plan, you get access to email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited automation templates, unlimited landing pages, Facebook Ads, and much more!

Some of the key features offered by GetResponse include:

  • Autoresponders & List management
  • Sales and lead magnet funnel with marketing automation.
  • Landing page creation.
  • Webinars.

#4. Drip Mail

If you are running an eCommerce solution and are looking for an email marketing tool that can automate your email marketing efforts with advanced features, then Drip is for you.

Drip markets itself as an eCommerce marketing engine. Like ActiveCampaign, drop offers you the tools to create a personalized customer experience, which helps you drive more revenue.


The best thing about Drip email builder is that it comes with a 14-day trial, and you can use it for your mailing list without the need to enter your credit card details. Also, the trial gives you access to their complete package.

eCommerce sites always have a tough time when it comes to an understanding of their audience. To help eCommerce, Drip provides tools that make better sense of customers by providing insights. You also get access to multichannel automation, segmentation, and API so that you can connect to other services or applications.

Drip campaign approach is data-driven, which is aided by proper analytics that let you optimize and analyze them for a better return on investment. It also comes with tons of integrations so that you can seamlessly connect other applications and services. The four key features offered by Drip include customer data, personalization, engagement, and optimization.

Our research found out that Drip offers an 89% deliverability rate, which is quite good for the eCommerce business.

But what about pricing? Well, it starts from just $19 per month for 500 contacts, and unlimited email sends. For eCommerce, we think that the pricing is quite competitive.

#5. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an excellent and easy to use cheap email service provider for creatives. Creators can use it to connect with their audience and build it with a good selection of tools. So, what can you do with it exactly?


Creators can easily share ideas through their landing and signup process. This way, you can create an impressive subscribers list. They also offer the ability to connect with the audience as you can create impressive emails. By running proper email marketing, you can attract the audience and start earning more.

As a creator, you can get started with Sendinblue for free! However, it is limited as you cannot automate stuff with it. With the Lite package, you can get started with just a $25 per month plan.

In short, the key features offered by Sendinblue include the following:

  • Personalized content and easy email templates.
  • Sell digital products & automate sales funnel.
  • Integration with other tools.
  • Email automation, Email marketing.
  • Transactional emails & SMS.
  • Landing pages.

While Sendinblue claims a 99% deliverability rate, the real numbers are around 90%.

#6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular cheap email marketing solutions out there. With the ability to create emails and send them through the same platform in real-time, you cannot go wrong with Mailchimp. Also, Mailchimp is best suited for small businesses who need to get things done with the right toolset.


Their standard $15.30 per month plan offers the ability to connect with 100K email addresses. Here, you get access to customer journey builder, behavioral targeting, send-time optimization, dynamic content, and much more! If you want a cheaper option, you can look at the essential plan, which starts with $10.24 per month, but you get access to fewer features, including custom branding, all email templates, A/B testing, etc.!

They also have a free plan to store up to 2000 contacts and access other essential features that Mailchimp has to offer, including marketing CRM, website builder, creative assistant, forms & landing pages, and a Mailchimp domain.

Other key features offered by MailChimp include:

  • A/B testing.
  • Smart recommendations & reports.
  • Marketing CRM with Customer Journeys.
  • Segmentation & behavioral targeting.
  • Signup forms.
  • Transactional email.

The deliverability rates are one of the highest in the email marketing software market. Depending on your target audience and their email providers, you can get deliverability rates anywhere between 80-90% for your bulk emails.

#7. Aweber

Apart from MailChimp, you can also use Aweber if you are a small business. Like other cheap email service providers, they also offer a complete solution to create, deliver, and grow.

For instance, you get to use a smart designer to create fantastic email templates. Also, there is no need to write code to do so. It comes with a drag and drops landing and email page designer. If you are not interested in starting from scratch, you can also use the prebuilt template library. When it comes to automation, you can personalize the email and send them using campaigns.


The deliverability rates are also excellent as they handle the email deliverability themselves. You can also optimize your campaigns using prebuilt analytics and reports.

Other key features offered by Aweber include automation, personalization, reports, and easy subscriber management.

Also, you can get started with AWeber for free. However, the free plan is limited to 500 subscribers. The PRO version starts at $16.15 per month, which offers all the features without limitations.

#8. Moosend

Moosend is an all-in-one cheap email marketing platform. Moosend also markets itself as a platform that can be used by a beginner or expert. To ensure that anyone can get started and use it, they offer a handy drag and drop email editor. You also get to use A/B testing, list segmentation, and data analytics.


As usual, it also offers good automation features and drip campaigns. For instance, you can do email automation templates or use the drag & drop automation editor, advanced reporting, and user & website tracking.

The email personalization feature is also well done as it ensures better email deliverability to your readers. Other key features include GDPR compliance and anti-bot protection.

You can get started with Moosend for free. However, it doesn’t offer all the features that you may want to run an optimal email campaign. The Pro plan starts at just $8 per month.

However, before you jump to Moosend, you need to know about their deliverability rates. Our research found that their deliverability rate hovers around 70-75%, which may be slightly on the lower side.

#9. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an excellent option if you are looking for an email marketing tool that can “do” it all! For the most part, you get access to email marketing, websites, and social marketing. It also lets you set up an online store to start selling your products as soon as possible.


The key features offered by Constant Contact include:

  • Drag and drop builder.
  • Email marketing automation, including contact segmentation, resend emails, and much more!
  • Social marketing tools.
  • eCommerce tools.

The deliverability rates offered by Constant Contact are promising and hover around 85%.

Their plans start with a $20 monthly subscription, which gives you access to unlimited sends. However, the price can increase if you have more contacts saved in your contact list.

#10. Infusionsoft

Our last contender in the List of best cheap email marketing services includes Infusionsoft by Keap. Just like the other offerings, it also provides you a complete package, including sales and marketing automation. You also get the option to customize your campaign to improve your return on investment fully. Lastly, it also comes with powerful app integration for seamless integration into your existing business ecosystem.


The user experience offered by Infusionsoft is neat. With it, you can easily set up your leads generation and see growth when it comes to leads and revenue. It also offers useful analytics where you can uncover deep insights and search for hidden growth opportunities.

The features offered by Infusionsoft include the following:

  • All-in-one CRM solution
  • Automation with different levels depends on the plan you take.
  • Smart forms & Analytics

Infusionsoft claims a deliverability rate of 98% or better. We didn’t have any way to verify the claims. However, if we see the trends set by other companies, it is easy to say that companies always overestimate their deliverability rates.

When it comes to pricing, they offer three plans where their lowest plan Keap Grow starts from $64 per month.

Which Email Marketing Tool to Use?

This leads us to the end of our ten best email service providers. As you can see, each service provider has its own deliverability rate with its own feature-set.

So, which one should you choose? Should you go for the highest deliverability rate but then settle with fewer features? Well, that completely depends on your requirement. However, it is not always good to go for higher deliverability rates and ignore the features.

In short, you should keep the right balance between the feature-set you are getting and the deliverability rate. Lastly, you also need to take into account the price you are paying for the service. So, which one are you going to use for your business? Comment below and let us know.

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