In Brizy vs Elementor comparison, which is a better WordPress page builder plugin and why? You must be here because you want to launch your WordPress site and looking for the easiest way to create your website.

Or you might be on a budget and looking for affordable solutions, Or you might be an enthusiastic WordPress developer looking for some reliable and new choices to make your client’s site more versatile.

Then, trust me, you are not wasting your time here. You will get some tremendous insightful knowledge about the Brizy page builder functionalities and what perks Brizy offers to you compared to Elementor page builder.

Brizy vs Elementor Comparison

Brizy is the new addition in the dictionary of drag and drop WordPress page builder. Brizy as the name sounds works just like – Breeze. Brizy builder plugin works on the same principle, which allows a WordPress novice to create and edit elegant pages without using any codes or spending money to buy expensive templates.

However, is it as good as compared to the Elementor page builder?

Let’s find out more on Brizy vs Elementor.

Brizy vs Elementor Page Builder Comparison

What is Brizy?

Brizy is taking the page builder market by storm, and more than 60,000+ active downloads speak volumes for its legitimacy. The most innovative feature of Brizy is that it is built on React, developed by Facebook, and that’s why it has the most clear-cut User interface.


The real-time editing feature lets you edit everything without switching to another screen, and you can edit anything visually without switching back and forth between pages. You will most surprisingly get plenty of useful features in the free version, which you’ll get in the pro version of any other page builder such as forms, sliders, and tabs.

Even though it’s quite young compared to Elementor, it’s giving a tough tooth competition to most of its competitors because of its innovative features such as it comes with cloud hosting option.

That means you can create pages landing pages and host them on the Brizy cloud server. The free version has pretty fair numbers of over 150+ premade blocks. You will also not need to install another plugin to get the popups, which are mostly a welcome addition to the websites. The Popup feature is included in the pro version.

Brizy is quite new in page builders plugin market, but its team is working fast to add new features in each update, and most of the appealing and customization features are included in the to-do list of coming updates.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is one of the most trusted and preferred choice of most of the developers and beginners. Compared to other Elementor alternatives, It is currently the most popular and powerful WordPress page builder plugin that integrates with almost all popular WordPress themes including Kadence or Astra.


Even though the free version offers limited functionalities as compared to its pro version, it is still the most affordable page builder with amazing functionalities, features and intuitive interface.

In the pro version, you will get 300+ pro templates, and also you can use the theme builder features, and it allows you to customize the theme’s elements like header, footer, single post templates. Furthermore, you can visually adjust all of the elements in your desired direction in real-time and see the live changes. You can read this post to find out all the differences between the Elementor Free and Elementor Pro.

Elementor vs Brizy – User Interface

Brizy has its unique customization options. Brizy lets you control all of the page elements right where they are without using any sidebar or popup menu. All of the editings are done inline.


Everything can be managed easily; you can click on your desired element and then drag and drop it in your desired location. You will find all of the toolbar buttons on the top of the component where you can resize or duplicate the column and adjust all settings.

Now talking about Elementor when you add an image on your page, you will have to go through several settings options.

First, you will have to set the size of the image and then go to the next option “style” to set the width of the image and also if you like to duplicate the content, you will have to select the column and then adjust the duplicate content in that section. It’s a bit time consuming; however, with Brizy, all of these settings can be done just like a breeze.



Both have a user-friendly interface, but Brizy comes with more convenient UI for the beginners; however, Elementor is equally good in terms of UI because you will have complete control on each corner of your site using multiple advanced options.

Global Settings of Color and Typography

Brizy has the most innovative feature of Global settings which allows changing fonts color and style all across the site and if you have a particular color set and style on your page and like to apply all of these colors and typography style on other pages as well then you can easily do it by going into the sidebar and then styling.


You can see here the color palette which is being used all across the page. You can select any other color of your choice from here, and that color will be changed on other pages as well with your new color.

However, suppose you like to do these global changes in Elementor builder plugin.


In that case, it will take time, and you will have to do these changes manually by selecting each element and then going into its setting area where you can manually set the colors, and the same thing will be done for the typography. That’s too time-consuming.


Brizy is the winner here because it allows you to get the global settings of all colors and typography within a blink of an eye. However, Elementor takes longer to do global styling.

Premade Templates and Elements

Brizy free version is packed with 150+ premade Blocks that can be easily customized, and in the Brizy pro version, you will get more than 500+ block designs.

You can select the dark and light versions and 9+ premade global styles. All of these come with the Brizy pro version.


Also, there is a huge library of more than 4000 icons where you can select any of your desired icons by filtering the categories.

On the other hand, Elementor offers 100+ pre-designed WordPress page templates that are easily customizable. Moreover, you will get right to use to more than 300+ blocks.


You can use these WordPress blocks, widgets or page templates on existing pages, and also you can save them for later use, or you can export these templates to other websites. You will get light and dark mode option with Brizy, and you can play with templates look and select which one attracts you.


Both Elementor and Brizy come with ample premade templates and blocks in the free and paid version. So, in this category, both are winners.

Customization and Adjustments

Brizy builder plugin offers inline editing, and you can click on the WordPress element you want to edit. A toolbar of that element will appear right on the top of the element where you can control all of its settings without leaving for the sidebar area.


Brizy has a very nice and handy feature “image focus and Zoom,” where you can control and zoom in or out any part of your image that appears on the screen. This feature is one of its kind, not to be found in any other WordPress page builders.

Another fantastic feature of Brizy worth mentioning is that you can adjust the width and height of the image right in the editing area, which is not found in most of the page builders. You can easily adjust the size of images using the adjustment areas around the image.

Also, one of the unique features of Brizy is the ‘anchor a section‘ where you can link one element to another section. If you like to do it manually, you will need to do it through IDs, but it’s a lot easier with Brizy, and you can do it with all other elements as well, other than images.

Customization with Elementor is also that easy, but you will get the left sidebar’s settings area. Once you click on the element you like to edit, all of its relevant setting areas can be seen in the sidebar.

You can set the image alignment, padding, image size, width, height, hover effects, and everything related to editing. Also, there is a preview button on the left side bottom, which allows you to preview your page before publishing.


Brizy is much easier to use because of its inline editing option. Also, it’s easy to control the width and height of the image right at its place instead of going into a separate sidebar and then tweaking every corner. So, I found Brizy a lot more easy and more fun to explore the setting area.

Cloud Hosting

Brizy comes with its cloud hosting option. It’s available as a WordPress page builder, and you can use its cloud hosting platform to sell your landing page designs. It’s less time consuming and convenient to create and host your pages right from your cloud platform. This is the game-changer option that you will not found in any other page builder.



Brizy is the clear winner here because Elementor is just a WordPress page builder and not a cloud hosting platform.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is one of my favorite features in Brizy because the developers have given the mobile optimization a primary function and not an afterthought, which can be tweaked later on.


When you select the mobile or tab display settings, the only visible part would be the relevant setting area where you will find settings specifically for mobile or check, and you’ll not need to sort out, out of full menu options that which element is for mobile and which element is for tab.

You will see only relevant settings that can be changed right in front of you, and these changes will not affect other settings such as desktop settings.

While in Elementor, when you start optimizing the mobile or tab display, you are still presented with the whole menu, and you will have to sort out elements for tab and mobile display to tweak them. In the left sidebar, you will get the toolset to create a responsive layout of your site.

brizy vs elementor - who is good for mobile


Brizy offers a more convenient way to create a mobile responsive layout. However, Elementor is equally equipped with all the essential tools to create a responsive layout. But one might get overwhelmed with the whole menu options where you have to find each element settings related to mobile or tab.

Brizy vs Elementor – Pricing

If you are on a budget or price-conscious person, this section will help you make a decision.

Brizy and Elementor both have free versions, and many smart features are included in the free version also, and if you are looking for some advanced level customization, you should go for the pro version.

You can see the Elementor price for one year for a single site is $49.

Brizy Pro is exceptionally affordable, and you will get licenses for three websites at one price of $49/ year. The lifetime offer is only $299, which is very attractive as the page builder plugin is packed with very outclassing features, and more will be coming with every update.

Brizy vs Elementor – Which one to Choose?

When it comes to Brizy vs Elementor then both are outstanding page builders and extremely easy to use, and you can also build web pages or a WooCommerce store quickly; both are front-end drag and drop editor.

Undoubtedly, Brizy Pro performs exceptionally well and wins over Elementor Pro in several features; however, it is relatively young in the industry and needs lots of improvement.

If you are about to build a small business website, then Brizy is a good option; however, if you are looking for advanced level WordPress settings along with WooCommerce, Elementor would be a better choice.

Elementor is more refined, and you will get several free widgets, predesigned page templates, landing pages, layout packs, dynamic content, addons and other amazing features to enhance its functionality and user experience. So, it solely depends upon your personal preferences and affordability option to decide which page builder is best for you.

Your thoughts on Elementor vs Brizy?

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  1. Great article.
    We use Divi, Elementor and recently Brizy PRO. The future is definitely Brizy and Brizy Cloud.
    More features are added every week and the UI is fast and efficient.

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