GetResponse is known for providing marketing tools for businesses. But, its main attractive point is the email marketing solution that it provides.

The email marketing tool is feature-rich and enables you to manage your email campaign in a better way. With it, you can optimize the email campaign performance. It also offers a good integration option to use it with your website, service, or solution.

The automation features of GetResponse is also good. The interface is simple and lets you cover different marketing aspects, including online surveys, auto-responders, and email newsletters.

Overall, GetResponse is an excellent marketing platform for companies to automate their email marketing. It is also cheap, and you can get started with it from just $15 per month.

The gripping issue is that GetResponse is mostly technical. And this is why you might want an alternative.

Finding the right email marketing tool for your business is always challenging.

That’s why you need to keep looking out for GetResponse alternatives. If you have used GetResposne in the past, you know that it is good, but not an ideal solution for every business or requirements. Whatever may be the case, you will find the right marketing solution for your business by the end of this list.

Best GetResponse Alternatives – Comparison Table

ServicesFree PlanPaid PlanAutomationLanding PagesCRM
MailChimpYes/ 2000$10YesBasic TemplatesYes
SendinblueYes/ Unlimited$25YesBasic TemplatesYes
MoosendYes/ Unlimited$8YesYesNo
AWeberYes/ 500$19YesYesNo
ActiveCampaignNo/ 14 days trial$15AdvancedYesAdvanced
iContactNo/ 30 days trial$36YesYesNo
SalesforceYes/ Unlimited$400 p.a.AdvancedYesYes
Campaign MonitorNo/ Trial with no emails$9YesBasicNo
ConvertkitYes/ 1000$29YesYesNo
GetResponse Alternatives – Comparison Table

#1. MailChimp

You cannot go wrong with MailChimp. It is a well-renowned email marketing solution that lets small and medium scale businesses to get started with their email marketing campaigns. Getting started with MailChimp is easy as there are a plethora of online tutorials and guides.


MailChimp could be better than GetResponse in many ways. It comes with mobile apps for both iOS and Android so that you can manage your email campaign on the move. With MailChimp, you can create an effective email campaign with complete automation. You also get access to an excellent analytics solution for keeping yourself up to date for

Advantages of using MailChimp

  • Excellent pricing model.
  • Offers great third-party integrations.
  • Useful documentation and support.

Pricing: As mentioned earlier, they offer a free plan which is good enough for small businesses. Their paid tier starts with Essentials, where you get everything with free plus more features. It starts at $10.39 per month. The other two plans include Standard($15.52 per month) and Premium($310.50 per month)

>Try MailChimp

#2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is a modern marketing tool that provides access to email, transactional emails, and SMS marketing. It is an excellent GetResponse alternative, as you can use it to manage your email marketing effectively. You also get access to a rich CRM solution, which lets you manage your customers in the best possible way.

getresponse alternative

SendinBlue also gives access to the much-needed email templates. You can use this to create emails faster and send them right away without spending hours designing one from scratch. Apart from that, just like GetResponse, you also get contact segmentation, which lets you create a target audience list for better marketing and experimentation. You can read full comparison between SendinBlue and GetResponse here.

Advantages of using SendinBlue

  • Comes with a free plan.
  • Along with the email marketing tool, you also get SMS campaign functionality.
  • Get started with email lists and templates easily.
  • Access to rich CRM solution Good plugin support for easy integration with popular solutions.
  • SendinBlue is good, but it does lack some of the key desirable features such as drag-and-drop workflow creation or A/B testing.
  • Also, the templates leave a few things to desire as they are simply not top-notch.

Pricing: When it comes to pricing, SendinBlue offers a free account that can be used for which you can get unlimited contact storage. The other three plans include Lite($25/mo.), Premium($65/mo.), and Enterprise(custom pricing.)

> Try Sendinblue

#3. Pabbly Email Marketing

If you are looking for a bulk email servicing that also offers excellent email marketing features, then Pabbly Email Marketing is what you should look out for.

You can use Pabbly Email Marketing with both in-built and external SMTP solutions. The in-built SMTP is provided at no cost. To make email deliverability better, Pabbly also supports multiple SMTP usage.

Advantages of using Pabbly Email Marketing

  • Offers workflow automation when it comes to marketing.
  • You can also use autoresponders for your email automation.
  • The mailing list autoresponders are customizable.
  • It comes with MX Cleaner that removes bad emails before sending bulk emails.
  • Let you track email campaigns with individual reports.

Pricing: The pricing is done competitively, and small businesses will find the service well within their budget. You can get started with Pabbly for free using their free plan. Apart from that, they offer three paid plans. Rookie: $29 per month, 5000 subscribers Pro: $49 per month, 15000 subscribers Advance: $99 per month, 50000 subscribers

> Try Pabbly Email

#4. Moosend

Moosend is a great pick for businesses as it offers an all-in-one marketing platform. It is aimed at both beginners and as well as people who are already working with marketing solutions. However, Moosend is not for every industry, and you should know it before-hand. Right now, they support eCommerce, Agencies, Travel, Publishers, and SaaS. If you are a business who doesn’t fall under those categories, you should look for an alternative.

They offer a complete email marketing solution that lets you send engaging newsletters to your audience. Apart from that, you also get landing pages for better conversion rates, marketing automation for better marketing campaign handling, tracking, analytics, and reporting.

Advantages of using Moosend

  • Supports data analytics.
  • Offers list segmentation for better audience targeting.
  • Offers advanced personalization Access to other marketing automation features.

Pricing: The pricing for Moosend is kept simple so that businesses can make decisions quickly. The free plan gives you access to unlimited emails, analytics & reporting, and subscription and signup forms for 1000 subscribers. It is a free forever plan. However, you need to pay if you have more than 1000 subscribers. Their other two plan include Pro($8 per month) and Enterprise(Custom pricing).

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#5. AWeber

AWeber is our next email marketing solution that provides value to any business that decides to use it. This Getresponse competitor can be defined as a simple email marketing solution that lets you manage your email marketing smartly. With this email management tool, you get access to a smart designer.


The intelligent designer is AI-powered, which enables you to create email templates in no time. You can also use the drag and drop builder to create landing pages without the need to code. Moreover, it also gives you access to the pre-build template library. In terms of automation, it offers reasonable control over email sendings and personalization. Read here to compare Aweber with GetResponse in more depth.

Advantages of using Aweber

  • Provides access to pre-built newsletter templates
  • Good email automation platform.
  • Lets you integrate with popular solutions.
  • Offers good customer support.

Pricing: You get started with the Aweber with their plan. It offers no time restrictions, but it is limited to 500 subscribers. The other plan is the Pro plan, which starts from $16.15 per month for up to 500 subscribers. This makes it slightly costlier compared to GetResponse.

> Try Aweber

#6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular GetResponse alternatives out there, better than GetResponse in many feature sets. Using ActiveCampaign is beneficial for your business as it lets you have meaningful interaction with your audience. Also, ActiveCampaign is a SaaS platform, which means it can be easily integrated into existing solutions.

ActiveCampaign Emails

Another reason you should check it out is because of its affordable price. The automation feature is also well done as you can use it to automate the marketing and sales process. Apart from that, you also get access to CRM features, customer tags, site messages, and the ability to manage end-to-end email marketing.

Advantages of using ActiveCampaign

  • Access to a whole set of features related to marketing.
  • Offers good automation features and triggers with email builder.
  • Let you communicate with your audience in a personalized manner.

Pricing: They do not offer any free plan. However, their Lite plan starts at just $9 per month. The three other plans are Plus(starts at $49 per month), Professional($129 per month), and Enterprise ($229 per month).

> Try ActiveCampaign

#7. iContact

iContact is an email marketing solution that is aimed at established businesses out there. It enables companies to do proper online marketing automation. However, it is not as cheap as that of GetReponse or other email marketing solutions that we have discussed here. iContact lets you get started as quickly as possible with its drag and drop editor.

This means that you can create emails in minutes rather than spending hours designing one. You also get access to its automation features, which let you automate email campaigns. You can also create landing pages and develop actions based on users. Finally, it offers good scalability so that you do not have to worry about technology and only focus on growing your business.

Advantages of using iContact

  • Excellent automation features.
  • Supports advanced segmentation.
  • Landing page creation and analytics.
  • Scalability.

Pricing: iContact is not cheap. Its base plan starts from $50.15 per month, which gives you access to base features and that too for just 2500 subscribes. The PRO version, which starts from $100.30 per month, offers the landing page feature and additional features.

> Try iContact

#8. Salesforce

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is aimed at businesses that are ready to spend. So, if you are a startup or a small to medium scale business, then Salesforce Marketing Cloud is not for you. However, if you are a big company or an enterprise, then Salesforce has a lot to offer in terms of features.

Salesforce getresponse alternative

With Salesforce, you get access to their ecosystem, which lets you get a unified view of customers spread across different devices and sources. The data can be leveraged using their Einstein engine that uses AI to refine the given data further. You can learn about what the customer needs and then deliver your messages accordingly. The Email Studio gives you access to robust features that let you manage your email marketing by creating and automating interactive emails.

Advantages of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Access to unified data storage and access.
  • Access to email studio.
  • Powerful automation. An ideal choice for Enterprise.

Pricing Structure: Their pricing model is complex as they cater to a wider audience. The basic plan that they have to offer starts from $400 per month. We suggest checking their pricing page to get a better understanding of what they have to offer.

> Try SalesForce

#9. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is also a good alternative to GetResponse for managing big email lists. It enables you to take control of your email campaign and automate marketing emails for better results. The good thing about Campaign Monitor is its ease-of-use. Also, it is a cheaper alternative, which should not break your budget.

Campaign-Monitor getresponse Alternative

Like other email marketing software, you also get access to an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that is easy-to-use, completely customizable, mobile-optimized and comes with templates. The automation feature also lets you create a great email journey that makes your audience to take action.

Advantages of using Campaign Monitor

  • Easy to set up, use, and monitor customer data.
  • Great automation features.
  • Pre-designed templates & signup forms.

Pricing: Campaign Monitor has three plans.

  • Basic: $9 per month, 2500 emails.
  • Unlimited: $29 per month, unlimited emails, and access to priority customer service.
  • Premier: $149 per month, endless emails, and access to premier support.

> Try Campaign Monitor

#10. ConvertKit

The last GetReponse alternative that we are going to discuss is CovertKit. ConverKit gives you the freedom to be creative and experiment with your way of connecting with your audience.

The platform is feature-rich where you get access to email sign up forms, email automation, email designer, landing pages, and integrations. With it, you can create a visual experience for your audience that improves your sales. ConvertKit gives you the tools to achieve the goals. For example, you can use it to design a custom landing page or an email that creates a relationship through careful design.

Advantages of using ConvertKit

  • Gives you access to the creative workflow.
  • Supports zapier and other popular integrations.

Pricing: They offer a free plan as well as a paid one. The free plan lets you manage up to 1000 subscribers. But, here, you do not get access to automated features, integration, or premium support. The Complete plan starts from $29 per month, where you can manage 1000+ subscribers with all features.

> Try Convertkit

Top GetResponse Alternatives – Which to Choose?

This leads us to the end of our list of top GetResponse Alternatives. As you can see, we covered quite good options that are aimed at a wide variety of businesses out there. However, to help you further, you can check the following:

  • For startups and small businesses – MailChimp, SendinBlue, Moosend, AWeber.
  • For medium scale business – ActiveCampaign, iContact, CampaignMonitor, CovertKit
  • For enterprises – Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Not convinced with any? Check here top email Marketing tools of 2021

So, which one are you choosing? Comment below and let us know.

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