AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing services, and it has been there for years. It also offers more than 150 customizable email templates and gives the freedom to customize how, when, and where to send the emails. With AWeber, you have everything to build and run an email campaign successfully.

The interface is intuitive, and you will have no problem navigating, and even if you run into sun difficulties, the support system will help you get through it.

Some of the exclusive features of AWeber include:-

  • Easy to use drag and drop email campaign builder.
  • Split Test feature with customizable form builder.
  • More than 850 integrations, including popular e-commerce platforms, website builders, SMS platforms, and Social Media platforms.
  • Full Opt-in controls. Subscribers segmentation using tags.

Though AWeber has come a long way and still one of the most popular email marketing apps, it lacks some valuable features such as advanced email automation and landing pages.

Good thing, there are several good alternatives to AWeber, and this list rightly covers that.

A Quick Comparison Table of Best Aweber Alternatives

ServicesFree Plan/ SubscribersPaid Plan/ SubscribersLanding PagesAutomation
MailerliteYes/ 1000$10/ 1000YesBasic
Active CampaignNo/ 14 days trial$15/ 500NoAdvanced
Get ResponseNo/ 30 days trial$15/ 1000YesAdvanced
MailchimpYes/ 2000$10/ 50,000YesBasic
SendinBlueYes/ Unlimited$25/ UnlimitedYesBasic
Constant ContactNo/ 30 days trial$20/ 500YesBasic
Campaign MonitorNo/ trial with no emails$9/ 500YesBasic
HubspotYes/ Unlimited$50 / 1000YesAdvanced
Top AWeber Alternatives Comparison Table

Here are the top Aweber alternative options for email marketing if you’ve decided to opt for a new email marketing software.

#1. MailerLite

This affordable email marketing solution is used by more than 800,000 companies every month. That should be enough to tell you that MailerLite is popular despite its being relatively new in email marketing.

Modern, clean, and simple yet powerful enough to handle almost everything you throw at it, MailerLite offers you options that come in the form of newsletters and forms. Add that with an intuitive and fast drag and drop visual email editor, and you have a complete email marketing solution.

Mailerlite-email AWeber Alternative

In our Mailerlite review article, we covered how you can design and build templates by adding texts, images, videos, and social media links. The included subscriber management feature lets you manually create a list or import from CSV, TXT, and Excel files. It also boasts an advanced reporting and tracking tool to access information such as recipient activity, clicks, views, spam complaints, and bounce rates.

What we liked about Mailerlite

  • Clean, simple, and intuitive interface.
  • Easy to create email campaigns with a drag and drop editor and customizable templates.
  • An abundant number of features in their free plan.
  • Included lead generation tool, landing page editor, A/B split testing, and subscribers segmentation.
  • Impressive customer support.

Pricing of Mailerlite

  • Free: Up to 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Drag and drop editor, text editor, photo editing, file manager, and mobile-friendly newsletters.
  • $10: Up to 1000 subscribers and unlimited emails.
  • $15: Up to 2500 subscribers and unlimited emails.
  • $30: Up to 5000 subscribers and unlimited emails.
  • $50: Up to 10,000 subscribers and unlimited emails.

All premium plan includes all the features.

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#2. GetResponse

Initially, what used to be strictly an email marketing tool, GetResponse increased its area of expertise. It is not more of an overall marketing solution rather than only an email marketing tool. GetResponse now includes eCommerce features, automated sales funnels, and is better than all its alternatives.

GetResponse AWeber Alternative

Compared to other email marketing solutions, GetResposnse has the most comprehensive features set out there, designed to maximize business growth, increase sales and ROI, and much more. Apart from providing all the tools essential for a useful email marketing tool, it also supports email list hosting, customizable templates, advanced autoresponders, detailed reporting, and analytics.

This Aweber alternative is designed to be reliable with the delivery of marketing emails and provide you with a high control level within the platform.

What we liked about GetResponse

  • Drag and drop editor.
  • Responsive email creation. Easy to set up.
  • Useful landing pages for marketers with complete webinar marketing solution and powerful autoresponders.
  • Advanced lost automation and segmentation. Span testing, and more.
  • Great customer service. eCommerce support.

Pricing of Getresponse

  • Free Package: One-month free trial. Supports up to 1000 contacts. Get access to all-powerful features, including unlimited email marketing, marketing automation, engaging webinars, advanced analytics, etc.
  • Basic Package: For $15 per month, get access to email marketing, autoresponders, sales funnels, Facebook Ads, etc. Plus Package: For $49 per month, you get access to automation builder, webinars, contact scoring and tagging, webinar funnels, etc.
  • Professional Package: For $99 a month, you get access to unlimited automation builder, paid webinars, complete sales funnels, and more.
  • Max Package: For custom quotations, you get transactional emails, dedicated support, and IP address, email campaign consulting, etc.

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#3. Mailchimp

Another prominent name in the world of email marketing solution is Mailchimp. This modern alternative to Aweber is straightforward and basic enough to get started with email marketing. Read full review on Aweber vs Mailchimp.

Mailchimp provides you with an intuitive visual drag and drop editor for creating beautiful and engaging email campaigns. You also have the option to create ads on popular social media straight from the software itself. Although some might find Mailchimp to be a bit expensive, they do provide sleek UI and regular updates and are easy to operate even if you are a beginner with business at any level.


What Mailchimp excels on is Advanced reporting. When you send an email campaign, the software will track and analyze data on click rates, opens, bounce rates, etc. Moreover, the support for integration with numerous 3rd party tools means you have the option to add features that are otherwise not available natively on Mailchimp.

What we liked about Mailchimp

  • Easy to use drag and drop visual email editor.
  • A good collection of premade templates. In-built ad creation.
  • Email capture using embedded forms, popups, etc.
  • Reduced sophistication means beginners can handle it skillfully.
  • Marketing campaigns automation, and more.

Pricing of Mailchimp

  • Free Package: Includes core features. Good for 12,000 emails a month and 2000 subscribers.
  • Essentials Package: Available for $10 per month. Added features, including extra personalization options, delivery tools, unlimited emails, all premade templates, and A/B testing. For up to 50,000 contacts.
  • Standard Package: For $15 per month. Comes with advanced audience insights, behavioral targeting automation, support for 100,000 contacts, and more.
  • Premium Package: $300 per month and includes advanced features including advanced email segmentation, multivariate testing, phone support, and more. Supports 200,000 + contacts.

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#4. Sendinblue

This well designed and easy-to-use email marketing tool is aimed at small to medium businesses that cover email marketing and include support for newsletters. Basic to advanced marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and support for SMS functionality are some of Sendinblue’s features that make it stand out from the crowd.

SendinBlue-emails AWeber alternatives

This sophisticated yet affordable tool is perfect if you’re in the market for something that lets you send one-on-one campaigns, and has good trigger-based and transactional emails functionalities, and come with advanced email segmentation.

With features that let you import customer orders and customize KPIs, Sendinblue is also suitable for eCommerce.

What we liked about SendinBlue

  • Offers CRM functionalities.
  • Wide range of marketing automations
  • Impressive auto-responders and transactional emails.
  • Good reporting and analytics features.
  • Mobile Optimized emails, A/B testing, and more.

Pricing of SendinBlue

  • Free version: Unlimited contacts
  • Lite Package: $25 per month for up to 100,000 emails per month and no daily sending limit.
  • Premium Package: $65 for up to a million emails per month, Facebook ads, advanced marketing automation, and phone support.
  • Enterprise Package: Price based on quote. The custom volume of emails, priority sending, SSO, and priority support.

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#5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing tools with many dedicated and loyal customers. What sets Constant Contact apart are several features that almost none of its competitors have, such as social media campaigns and surveys. These additional features add up to advance automation, diverse email lists, and newsletters.

Constant-Contact AWeber alternative

Furthermore, with a huge market place that boasts over 400 different apps and integrations, you have no problem finding the one you need no matter what your niche is. This Aweber competitor also allows you to build your own forms for customers to sign up for email campaigns and newsletters.

And once you send a newsletter, you get access to advanced reporting and tracking, displayed neatly on the dashboard. Constant Contact is ideal for small businesses that are new to email marketing and can’t spend a lot of time on it.

What we liked about Constant Contact

  • Intuitive visual email campaign builder with variety of customizable signup forms.
  • Automated marketing based on customer engagement, Campaign tracking, analytics and more.
  • Excellent support options.
  • Social media campaign integration.
  • Subscriber list creation via import or adding manually.


  • Free Trial Package: Access to Email Package features for 60 days. It allows you to send emails to 100 contacts. A great way to test and get used to the platform before opting for the paid packages.
  • Email Package: $20 per month for unlimited email marketing, customizable templates, tracking and reporting, automated email resend, eCommerce marketing, and more.
  • Email Plus Package: $45 per month for A/B testing, customizable popup forms, automated welcome emails, surveys, coupons, and much more.

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#6. Campaign Monitor

This ‘software as a service‘ tool enables you to capture data neatly into an emailing list and lets you manage it and send beautiful HTML newsletters to it. With Campaign Monitor’s robust segmentation and personalization features, you will have no problem handling all your customer data and create targeted email campaigns.

Campaign-Monitor AWeber Alternative

The provided visual drag and drop composer is perfect for designing your email campaign templates. If you don’t want to create templates from scratch using the provided visual composer, you can import HTML templates.

One of the features that make Campaign Monitor stand out from most of its competitors is its advanced data segmentation. You get to send out emails to more than one email list at once. Creating segments is a piece of cake too. Campaign Monitor is all about email marketing, so you will not be able to play around with additional features such as sending text messages and creating social media ads.


  • Great visual email editor and Visual Journey Designer for easy marketing automation.
  • Email delivery with efficiency.
  • Import and Export data using all common database formats.
  • RSS to mail feature.
  • Easy to create and implement signup forms and landing pages.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics and more.

Pricing of Campaign Monitor

  • Free Package: No time limit. For testing before buying. Create and send multiple campaigns, create journeys, transactional emails, setup subscriber lists, import subscribers, and create forms to see how the software works.
  • Basic Package: $9 per month for 2500 emails, insights, and basic marketing automation.
  • Unlimited Package: $29 for unlimited emails, advanced marketing automation, unlimited inbox previews, etc.
  • Premier Package: $149 for advanced features, including pre-build engagement segments, send-time optimizations, email builder section locking, etc.

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#7. HubSpot Email Marketing

Initially build as a marketing automation and CRM solution for businesses, HubSpot has now released their own freemium and premium email marketing solution with some competitive functionalities. HubSpot is easy to use yet powerful – even when you’re using the free version.


With features like data enrichment, email list segmentation, premade, and customizable templates, and up to 2000 subscribers on the free tier, HubSpot is perfect for small businesses and startups.

If you go above the 2000 subscribers threshold, you have flexible options for paying for the premium packages depending on the number of subscribers you’re expecting to gain in the future. That is not all, though. You get a quite advanced email list segmentation, personalized messaging tool, and detailed statistics even in the free version. Paid versions come with more robust features like reporting and A/B testing.

What we liked about Hubspot

  • Up to 2000 subscribers in the free version.
  • Flexible paid plans after 2000 subscribers.
  • Integration with popular tools.
  • Galore of ready to use email templates.
  • A/B testing. Advanced Automation.
  • Deep personalization via information collected using free CRM, and more.

Pricing of Hubspot

  • Free Package: Up to 2000 contacts. 25 static and five smart email list segmentation.
  • Paid Package: $40 per month for the Starter package,
  • $800 per month for the Professional Package, and $3200 per month for the Enterprise package. Option to pay yearly.

What we didn’t like about Hubspot

Email automation is available only in the professional package which costs almost $800 per month. This pricing is simply absurd when email automations are available in way cheaper plans of other email services.

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AWeber Alternatives – Which one to Choose?

All of these email marketing solutions are solid alternatives to Aweber. No matter if you’re looking for something cheaper or with more features, the above list should help you regardless.

Although most email marketing tools provide similar services, you have to keep in mind what you want and think forward before choosing one.

Take into account your budget and marketing needs. Some of them have good free plans worth checking out if you’re new to all these. If you have a small business still in its infancy, the free alternatives to Aweber might be enough to start with. To conclude the article:

  • If you’re looking for something that is beginner-friendly yet sophisticated enough to handle your email marketing need, go for MailChimp.
  • HubSpot, however, is perfect if you have no time to design your email campaign manually. It has galore of ready-made email templates for you to use.
  • Campaign Monitor is another beginner-friendly tool because of its Journey Designer feature.
  • Constant Contact offers excellent marketing automation and has reliable customer support.
  • Sendinblue’s CRM functionalities are useful if you have small to medium businesses.
  • GetResponse is unique with its webinar marketing solutions.

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