ActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform that offers excellent email marketing features. It provides a nice way to interact with your clients.

You can use the in-build emails and other automation tools to do transactions and communication. Moreover, automation can be done using the client’s data, such as their interests, history, or behavior.

Apart from that, you can also do split testing, which lets you understand your clients better and devise the most optimal approach to communicate with them.

To give you access to all these features, ActiveCampaign actively tracks users’ behavior and classifies them based on their group type. These data are important and are useful for managing campaign based actions.

Overall, the platform is easy-to-use, which can be used by SME or even enterprises. To empower the user to create automated emails, it offers a drag-and-drop flowchart tool. But ActiveCampaign may not be for everybody.

In this list, let’s look at the ten best ActiveCampaign alternatives. This doesn’t mean that it is not worth or lacks features, but the list will give you access to alternatives and choose the best one that fits your requirement. It is always a good idea to try out other email automation services to learn which one is better for you!

Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives- Comparison Table

ServicesFree Plan/ ContactsPaid PlanAutomationLanding PagesCRM
HubspotYes/ Unlimited$50YesYesYes
GetResponseNo/ 30 days trial$15AdvancedYesNo
MailerLiteYes/ 1000$10YesYesNo
SendinBlueYes/ Unlimited$25YesYesYes
Drip EmailsNo/ 14 days trial$19AdvancedYesYes
SalesForceYes/ Unlimited$400 p.a.AdvancedyesYes
FreshMarketerYes/ 500$17YesYesYes
iContactProYes/ 500$36YesNoNo
SendGridYes/ Unlimited$15YesNoNo
ActiveCampaign Alternatives – Comparison Table

#1. HubSpot

HubSpot is not a new name in the market. Their automation software is quite popular for its better open rates and customer service. However, you should also check out their HubSpot Marketing solution that offers an excellent alternative to ActiveCampaign.


First of all, you get access to vast resources and libraries to connect and enrich your email marketing campaign.

Secondly, it offers the right tools for you to improve sales conversations and website traffic. The good thing about HubSpot Marketing is that you get a fully-featured CRM marketing platform. So, you can get started for free and then use their paid options if the need arises.

Advantages of Using HubSpot Marketing

  • Free access lets any business to get started.
  • The HubSpot ecosystem provides a way for you to experiment and combine tools for better business management.
  • An excellent choice for big teams.
  • Comes with pre-made templates and workflows can be fully automated.
  • Free Integrated Website Live Chat.

The only thing that is not good about HubSpot marketing is its price. In fact, it is way too costly compared to other close competitors.

Pricing: The price starts at $40 per month, offering 1000 contacts storage. The professional plan starts at $800 per month(1000 contracts but better features) and enterprise at $3,200 per month(10,000 contacts).

> Try Hubspot

#2. GetResponse

If you are a small business and want an excellent alternative to ActiveCampaign, you can check out GetResponse. This ActiveCampaign competitor lets you promote not only your services but also grow your audience. With it, you can improve your sales using different tools that it has to offer for your business needs.

GetResponse ActiveCampaign Alternative

You will also find GetResponse similar to ActiveCampaign as it offers full-scale automation. This email marketing software is also well priced and provides integration with most of the favorite apps, including WordPress, Salesforce, Facebook, Slack, and so on!

Advantage of Using GetResponse

  • GetResponse offers cheaper plans compared to ActiveCampaign. So, if you have a limited budget, then GetResponse is a good option.
  • Offers access to real-time sales alerts with autoresponders and marketing funnels.
  • You also get access to their mobile app for easy access.
  • Have excellent email deliverability rates.
  • Supports complete funnel building, webinar automation, which can be clubbed with landing pages, or signup forms.

Even though GetResponse is cheaper for its lower-end plans, its low price can be attributed to its Limited CRM (Customer Relationship Management), advanced features, and social media functionalities. Also, their Enterprise and Pro plans are costlier than ActiveCampaign.

Pricing: GetResponse has four pricing tier. Its pricing plans from just $15 per month, which gives you access to 1,000 contacts.

You can change the number of contacts for the same tier with an increase in pricing. Their plus tier starts at $49 per month — it also gives 1,000 contacts but comes with better features. The professional is at $99 per month for 1000 contacts and extra features.

All of their plans have a 30 days trial period where you do not need credit cards.

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#3. MailerLite

If you check the alternatives, you will find that all the email marketing tools are clubbed with tons of other features. Well, that’s helpful for some businesses, but not all! This is where MailerLite comes in.

Mailerlite is a great email marketing tool as covered in this review, that offers features aimed at businesses looking for email marketing. With it, you can create fully automated email marketing with the help of its automated sequence builder.

Mailerlite-email Activecampaign Alternative

Apart from that, you also get access to other tools such as landing pages, pop-ups, and surveys, improving your email marketing and helping you engage with your audience in a streamlined way. It also comes with an attractive pricing model.

Advantages of Using MailerLite

  • MailerLite lets businesses get started with their free plan. It offers 1000 subscribers, or you can send 12,000 emails per month. The first limit you hit defines what you get in the free plan.
  • It is overall less expensive and perfect for bloggers.
  • Comes with an in-built resizing and photo-editing solution.
  • You can create drag and drop emails using the newsletter builder.

The MailerLite onboarding process requires more time and effort to complete compared to ActiveCampaign. Also, it is not feature-rich and is mainly aimed at driving email campaigns and less focus on advanced automation features.

Pricing: The pricing tier of MailerLite is generous. The basic plan is Free, with a limit of 1000 subscribers or 12,000 emails/month. Apart from that, their other plans cost $10, $15, $30, and $50 with unlimited emails/month.

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#4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a complete automation platform when it comes to sales and marketing. With it, you get access to email and SMS marketing. You can also implement Chat on your site, giving you the much-needed flexibility to connect with your customers.

activecampaign alternative

Apart from that, you also get access to CRM, marketing automation tools, landing pages, signup forms, transactional emails and Zapier integration! So, if you are looking for a general-purpose marketing tool that also covers email, then Sendinblue is a good option.

Advantages of using SendinBlue

  • You get access to a complete set of features with Sendinblue.
  • The solution is excellent for businesses with a limited budget.
  • They offer a free plan with access to unlimited contact storage. However, the free plan is limited to 300 emails per day. This makes it great for small businesses that are starting their email marketing campaign.
  • Offers heatmap analytics.
  • Comes with a “send time” marketing tool.
  • Let you check real-time sales alerts.

Pricing: The pricing plan for Sendinblue is separated based on email subscribers vs email sends. Apart from the free plan, you get access to Lite($25 per month), Premium($65 per month), and Enterprise(contact them for pricing).

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#5. Salesforce

If you are looking for the best alternative of ActiveCampaign with all features, then you cannot go wrong with Salesforce. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a well-known marketing platform. With it, you can take personalized actions for your clients.


Another big advantage of using Salesforce is that all customer’s information is unified, which means that you can use it in other Salesforce solutions such as CRM or analytics once the data is captured. The email marketing tool lets you do customer behaviors based on email triggers.

Advantages of using Salesforce

  • You get access to a unified customer data storage system.
  • Excellent feature-set.
  • Offers client behaviors based email triggers that boost interactions.

Pricing: The Salesforce marketing cloud pricing is complex as it offers different pricing depending on your needs. You can get editions for B2B marketing automation or just Email marketing. They offer other models as well. The cheapest plan they offer starts at $400 per month.

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#6. Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer is a product of Freshworks. It offers you the ability to manage your marketing aspect completely with its automation tools. You can collect, organize, and analyze your contacts.

Activecampaign alternatives

It also offers lead generation tools customized to get the best results to make things easier for you. The email marketing tool is also excellent. It is easy-to-use and gives you access to responsive email templates.

Advantages of using Freshmarketer

  • Lets you create personalized emails.
  • Comes with lead generation tools.
  • Offers smart segmentation rules for better contact management and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Supports drag-and-drop editor for creating marketing content.

Pricing: You can get started with a free plan, which gives you access to 500 contacts. The other two plans are Garden($49 per month) and Estate($99 per month).

> Try FrehMarketer

#7. iContact Pro

iContact Pro can be an excellent ActiveCampaign alternative. First of all, you can get started with iContact Pro. The key feature that makes it stand out from others is an easy-to-use email editor.

Moreover, you also get an access landing page creation tool that lets you create landing pages without code.

Advantages of using iContact Pro

  • Drag-and-drop email creation.
  • Offers A/B testing for improving your email marketing.
  • Supports the complete email automation process.
  • It also comes with photo editing tools, which are very handy.
  • CTA-loaded landing pages supported.

Pricing: You can use iContact Pro by paying $50.15 per month for the Base tier. On the other hand, the Pro tier starts from $100.30 per month when you pay yearly.

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#8. SendGrid

If you are looking for a pure automation joy, then SendGrid is what you should try! It is one of the best email automation and marketing tools that lets you experiment and improve your business in the right direction.

It offers a drag and drop editor, which can be used with an HTML editor for adequate control over your email template, landing pages, and communication messages.

Advantages of using SendGrid

  • It Provides real-time analytics for a better understanding of what’s happening.
  • Lets you segment your client so that you can send targeted emails.

Pricing: SendGrid lets you get started for free, where you can send 40,000 emails for 30 days and then 100 per day. Their other plans include Essentials ($14.95 per month), Pro ($89.95 per month), and Premium (custom pricing).

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Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives – Which one to Choose?

As you can see, we have good ActiveCampaign alternatives at our disposal.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can check out GetResponse, MailerLite, and SendinBlue. These will fit the budget of a startup or small scale business.

If you want the best without worrying about pricing, HubSpot Marketing, SalesForce, and Marketo are great picks!

So, which one are you going to pick up? Comment below and let us know.

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