No one has the time to reach out to every lead in their email list manually. Of course, if you are running a brick-and-mortar store, it is different to chat with your customers at the checkout counter.

But in today’s digital age, where most entrepreneurs are running their business on the internet, manually reaching out to customers or leads is impossible. With hundreds and thousands of potential customers clicking onto your website each day, as an entrepreneur, you are going to need some help to create connections with your leads.

This is where auto-responders such as AWeber and GetResponse come into the picture.  

These tools provide you with a centralized platform that allows you to manage contact lists, nurture leads, and segment campaigns, among other features. However, just like selecting any other tool for growing your business, it is also crucial to choose the right email marketing platform.  

In this article, lets discuss a detailed comparison of AWeber vs GetResponse and determine which one suits your requirements better.

AWeber vs GetResponse Overview  

Aweber vs GetResponseBoth AWeber and GetResponse are email marketing service providers that offer you a wide range of tools and features to build a stronger connection with your audience.  

AWeber is a simple yet powerful email marketing software specifically designed for small businesses, claiming to do 90% of the work. 

With over 20 years in the service, the email marketing platform has helped more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses and outperforms its competitors in most of the segments.

Being said that, GetResponse has also been in the service for more than 20 years now. The company claims to offer an all-in-one online marketing platform for both small and large-sized businesses. 

Since its launch in 1998, GetResponse has served more than 350,000 customers in over 183 countries worldwide. Therefore, it is evident that the company is doing something right with its feature and product offering compared to its alternatives.

Free PlanYesNo
Ease of UsageSimple InterfaceEasy to use with more flexibility
Email TemplatesOver 700 templates available but all are not responsive1000+ templates available and all of them are mobile responsive
AutomationYes, with limited functionalityYes, but offers more features as compared to Aweber
A/B TestingCan test upto 3 different variantsCan test upto 5 different variants
List SegmentationYesYes
IntegrationsIntegrates with over 1000+ applicationsIntegrates with just over 125 applications
Customer SupportPhone, Live Chat, and EmailLive Chat and Email
Value for Money4/55/5
Try AweberTry GetResponse
Aweber vs GetResponse Comparison Table

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